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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Green and Asquith join Margaret -- still in Rose and Harriet's room -- and she greets them as "brothers." They talk about how the hunting is so great because, as MI-5 Margaret puts it, "the more you prolong it, the more they stink." "Sweat and fear," agrees Asquith, causing the very classy, if not especially posh, Harriet to gross out a little bit. And, I guess, sweat and fear some more: "I can smell an old girl. Stale bird, brittle bones." More of this kind of talking -- and way less farting -- and the Slitheen would be the coolest. I guess it's a pretty good balance. "...And a ripe youngster," Margaret joins in. "All hormones and adrenaline. Fresh enough to bend before she snaps." Yikes! I like the comparison, though: older Harriet and younger Rose. Given a lot of what's to come, I like putting them side by side like this. Margaret pulls Rose's curtain aside, and she screams, causing Harriet to jump out all willy-nilly: "No! Take me first! Take me!" Which...I don't know if she was trying to distract them or what, but that's the kind of person I'd want in charge, frankly. She has no way of knowing that Rose, as the one who signed on specifically for this kind of crap, is way less a bystander than she is. She just wants to help. Harriet is so, so interesting. So having been distracted by how bird-boned Harriet just threw herself on the farting grenade for Rose, the Slitheen aren't prepared for the Doctor, who comes crashing in and shoots them all with a fire extinguisher. Rose pulls the curtains down and over Margaret, and both women head over to the Doctor. "Who the hell are you?" he asks Harriet, and she gives the answer we already know: "Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North." They exchange pleasantries, and the Doctor gives the Slitheen another shot of fire extinguisher before they all three take off.

In the hallway, the Doctor's all, "To the Cabinet Room!," and Harriet mentions, very hurried-businesslike, that the Emergency Protocols are in there, and that they "give instructions on aliens!" Hee. The Doctor says, "Harriet Jones, I like you." She likes him too. It's a beautiful little moment, two skilled and competent people sparing a moment. Kind of makes you hope they never disagree, because that would make this part kind of sad. I love in movies when people just "zing!" know they've met their match, or a kindred spirit. They're both so kind. Dude, what if she was a Companion? She could be all like the Theodore and could fight about "pick up your dirty laundry because the TARDIS is not an alien pigsty" and the Doctor would be like, "Stop bugging me, I'm watching C-SPAN from 1982 for no reason." The Doctor sonics them through a locked door, and they reach the Cabinet Room with the Slitheen in hot pursuit -- where are the security guys that were meant to be shooting the Doctor on the ground floor? Without the time to close the door, the Doctor grabs a decanter of brandy and holds his screwdriver up. "One more move and my sonic device will triplicate the flammability of this alcohol. Whoof! We all go up. So back off." I love how that's either bullshit, or the kind of bullshit that is true on a show like this. The Slitheen are like, "Sci-fi cliché? Or joke about sci-fi clichés? Or both? What is a 'tricorder' actually for?"

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