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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

MI-5 Margaret, still unveiled, chases Rose and Harriet some more. I wasn't kidding about the Scooby-Doo factor. You almost think there's going to be repeating vases on the wall. They come up against a locked door, but just then the lift opens, and the Doctor says hello quite pleasantly. The doors shut again, and Margaret's officially distracted, so Rose and Harriet run away, some more, and end up in a dead-end room with all locked doors. They then hide really badly.

In the hall outside the elevator, Asquith hands out his orders, which amount to staying away from the "quarantined" upper floors and to disregard any orders other than his.

A Sergeant asks PM Green to evacuate, and Green, ascertaining that he hasn't read the Emergency Protocols, bitches him out for questioning the Prime Minister. He orders them to seal off the whole building, including the ground floor, and to shoot the Doctor if he should make it downstairs. I was really wrong about the layout here -- I thought Rose and Harriet were on the first/ground floor, and the Doctor was upstairs -- I guess because I'm not and have not yet been Prime Minister, so why would I...well, as far as I know.

In the elevator, Asquith and Green fart around, both literally and figuratively. Green once again mentions the "gas exchange," which seems to be toxic to them. "I need to be naked!" he yells, and Asquith, regarding his Slitheen look, even though they are related, creepily says, "Rejoice in it! Your body is...magnificent!" I don't think you should say shit like that to the PM. The lady's not for turning, if you know what I mean. They strip off.

Margaret enters Rose and Harriet's hiding place, and her dialogue is both laughable and very, very creepy. The actor in question does a great job with the dialogue: "Oh, such fun! Little human children, where are you? Sweet little humankins, come to me! Let me kiss you better..." Oh, so scary. And funny, too: "...kiss you with my big, green lips..." she shouts, as Rose jumps from a cabinet to a curtain. Who knew old MI-5 Margaret had it in her to be the coolest one?

The Doctor runs down some stairs, to the tune of the Sergeant barking his orders. Hearing the bing of an elevator, he jumps back into a small spot next to the door, overhearing Asquith and Green's very creepy plan to keep the floor "quarantined, as [their] last hunting ground,' before the "final phase." Even though this, like all but one of the storylines so far, resolves to an incensed and regretful indictment of capitalism -- and I've thought about it, and it's fair and not weird, because 99% of evil in the real world comes from greed (the other 1%? Gilmore Girls spoilers) -- this part is really effectively creepy, even with all the running around from room to room. The idea of all of them being stuck in 10 Downing Street and being hunted, as more and more aliens arrive, is scary and just a little subversive.

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