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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Jackie rounds on the Doctor: "You still can't promise me. What if she gets lost? What if something happens to you, Doctor, and she's left all alone standing on some moon a million light years away -- how long do I wait then?" I don't want to find out. But this show doesn't seem to shy away from doing awful things to lovable people, so I wouldn't be surprised if this actual scenario plays out at some point. The plottiness is tight enough already for that to be a possibility. Rose comforts her mum, reminding her that it's a time machine: "I could go traveling around suns and planets and all the way out to the edge of the universe and by the time I get back, yeah? Ten seconds would have passed. Just ten seconds." But the privilege of children is not realizing the problem there: she won't be just ten seconds older. She puts her arms around Jackie and smiles sweetly: "So stop worrying. See you in ten seconds' time. Hmm?" No goodbyes this time, note. I love that.

Rose and Jackie embrace, and Rose and the Doctor board the trusty TARDIS. Mickey gives a small wave, and Rose shuts the door. Mickey and Jackie stand very still, as the TARDIS fades away. Jackie looks at her watch. "Ten seconds." Jackie turns back to the flats, I'm sure with Amaretto on her mind, and Mickey settles back in on top of his dustbin, with his newspaper. I wish Jackie would invite him up.

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