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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

The Doctor: "You're right. I am dangerous. I don't want anybody following me." Jackie and Rose come out of the flat and toward the TARDIS, black flies a-floating in their Chardonnay, and Mickey asks the most Excellent and Apposite Question: "How can you say that and then take her with you?" The Doctor looks him in the eye: "You could look after her. Come with us." Mickey starts to stutter: "I can't. This life of's just too much, I...I couldn't do it. Don't tell her I said that." Bad. Worse: Jackie says, "I'll get a proper job. I'll work weekends, I'll pass my test, and if Jim comes 'round again, I'll say no. I really will." That's not how parenting works. It's so sad! She's such a fucking fuckup! Rose tries to explain that it's nothing to do with Jackie: "I'm traveling, that's all. And then I'll come back!" Jackie reminds her of the safety issue, and Rose tries it simply: "Mum, if you saw it out there...You'd never stay home." Girl, she knows. That's the worst part of all. If Rose did something crazy like...become the British Britney Spears, say, or marry a ninety-year-old redhead TV presenter, Jackie could go along, like all the pop-star parents there are. But's a wonderful brilliant life that by definition cannot include her. And the really bad part is, there's no bad guy. It's not like Rose is telling Jackie to fuck off; she's just choosing something better, and her mom can't come. I wonder how parents v. non-parents react to this line of inquiry. It's kind of killing me. The Doctor rips on Rose's luggage's quantity and size. Rose: "Last time I stepped in there, it was spur of the moment. Now I'm signing up. You're stuck with me." She smiles and laughs, but it's true. The moment she and Mickey and Harriet and the Doctor agreed to fire on Downing Street, she stopped being a tourist. And the neat thing there is that they both realized it, at the time, and that's really rare. The whole world is changing.

As Jackie looks the Doctor up and down -- wouldn't you? Especially if he was leaving? I'd take some Polaroids -- Rose asks Mickey to come with them. Mickey gestures to the Doctor, who jumps in, all bluster: "No chance. He's a liability, I'm not having him on board." Wow. It's funny that he's proving how much he loves her -- and Mickey -- by openly lying to her and being a dick about this. Rose protests that they'd be dead without Mickey this week, and the Doctor puts on his resolved face: "My decision is final." It's just because the character is underwritten and bluntish that I don't key in as strongly on this -- I imagine, reading the script, you'd picture him as the hottie football hooligan next door, six-eight with a buzzcut. Does that make sense? The baseball bat, and the weirdo sexist shit at the beginning of the series, and the whole "my boyfriend is made of plastic" thing plays into a stereotype that is completely different from Mickey's actual energy. Laddish, White Vannish. Scottish. And that's not Mickey, because the Mickey we see is lithe and cheeky and smart and jumpy, not bulky and well-meaning. But given a chance, I'd say that you could lay his relationship down next to Jackie's and see some parallels: Rose is leaving him behind, only instead of leaving for a new life, she's leaving for a new man. Mickey, on the page and on the screen, gets their relationship better than anybody else, I wager, at this point, because he kind of loves the Doctor too, and for the same reasons -- which would make him a good Companion! -- so his journey here has been no simpler. Rose is reaching for a life they both deserve, but he's still too scared to do so as well. Rose apologizes to him for the Doctor's brusque refusal, and they kiss.

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