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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Rose watches Harriet's speech, still in replay on TV. Jackie comes in and is affronted: "Who does she think she is? Look at her! Taking all the credit. Should be you on there!" Oh, Jackie. She yells at Harriet on the screen, "My daughter saved the world!" Rose laughs: "I think the Doctor helped a bit." Jackie sits and agrees, and says they should both be knighted. Rose: "That's not the way he does things. No fuss, he just...moves on. He's not that bad if you gave him a chance." Jackie grudgingly says that he's "good in a crisis," and Rose pokes fun: "Oh! Now the world has changed; you're saying nice things about him!" It has. Jackie says that she's got no choice, now that Rose is "infatuated," and Rose is...not convincing in her protest. Why even try? "What does he eat?" asks Jackie, and Rose is like, "Bwuh?" Jackie says that she's planning on making a shepherd's pie, and Rose giggles at her. "All of us! A proper sitdown. Because...I'm ready to listen. I wanna learn about you, and him, and that life you lead. Only, I dunno, he's an alien. For all I know, he eats grass and safety pins and things." Best line of the episode? I think so, personally. I love this scene so much, it's very Queer As Folk. "The Doctor doesn't do boyfriends." Rose rolls her eyes and says that he can handle shepherd's pie. She loves Jackie so, so much: "You're gonna cook for him? He's met his match." Jackie offers to slap her, and heads off to the kitchen, calling back that Rose needs to visit her Gran tomorrow, and to fake up some French because she's been lying that the last year was spent in France. That's so Jackie: lying to relatives while turning out sixteen different versions of a WANTED poster and framing Mickey for murder. Her concept of appearances is really vastly fucked up.

Rose's phone rings, and the screen, cutely, says, "TARDIS." "Right, I'll be a couple of hours, then we can go," says the Doctor. She's amazed that he has a phone, and he Excellent Questions her right back: "You think I can travel through space and time and I haven't got a phone?" He laughs, and the phone he's got is so, so '90s Cube Farm, it's hilarious. He does something to disrupt the Slitheen advertising transmission, and Rose interrupts: "My mother's cooking." He gets very far away all of a sudden, in his face. "Good!" he chuckles. "Put her on a slow heat and let her simmer." Second best line of the episode. Rose clarifies needlessly that she's cooking tea, for them. "I don't do that," says the Doctor. Told ya! Rose says that Jackie wants to get to know him, which is fair dinkum in my opinion, even though this is a story about leaving home. The Doctor protests, she kinda whines, he pulls out the big guns of her ass staying there. Beat. "...But right now there's this plasma storm brewing in the Horsehead Nebula." Rose listens, as the Doctor gets more and more into it. "Fires burning ten million miles wide. I could fly the TARDIS right into the heart of it, then ride the shock wave all the way out -- hurtle right across the sky and end up anywhere!" Rose stares out at the room around her. "Your choice," says the Doctor, and hangs up. Whoa. She thinks really hard, and on the TARDIS, he pauses a moment like he's going to reconsider the shepherd's pie, but shakes it off. I guess the whole "wild and pure" thing is very attractive, but he's also got such a large heart (a pair of them!) that it seems like a strange way of going there.

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