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World War Three (2)

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World War Three (2)

Joseph, Margaret, and Asquith stare at the phone. Green finally declares that victory "should be naked," and they all three strip off. Everybody's getting naked. I wish there were a third person in Mickey's apartment; then we'd see some parallel fucking structure. Harriet Jones arrives, finally: strong, the future hope of Cool Britannia. The Doctor admits how much he needs Rose. Rose becomes who she is. And the aliens stop farting. Three is the number for changing, the element that breaks up the binary and creates synthesis. Maybe that's why Jackie and Mickey still kind of suck.

Rose jumps onto the table; it's Go time: "How do we get out?" The Doctor opens up the Protocols and explains that they won't be leaving the Cabinet Room. In New York, the anchor updates us that the Council is finishing up their vote. Inside the PM's office, the Slitheen finish up taking their skin suits off.

The Doctor orders Mickey to keep entering "Buffalo," overriding everything as he hits the various gates. He explains over his shoulder that he's hacking into the Royal Navy, kind of mind-blown at the turn today's taken: "We're in. Here it is, uh...H.M.S. Taurean, Trafalgar Class Submarine, ten miles off the coast of Plymouth." Jackie starts to wig. The Doctor tells Mickey to "select a missile," and Mickey reminds him that they still don't have the football codes: "All we need is an ordinary missile." They pick out their missile, and Jackie -- having rallied -- realizes that she can stop Mickey from doing this. "Do it, then," he says. I do have to say that I love how complex they still get to be with each other. After all the running around and screaming and farting and so forth, it wouldn't have been out of place to have them all snuggles suddenly, and the story resists that. It gives them both more weight. Jackie finally backs down, and the Doctor says, "Mickey the Idiot. The world is in your hands. Fire." And...he does.

Harriet wonders about the blast doors they're behind, tapping on them."Not solid enough," the Doctor admits. "Built for short-range attack; nothing this big." Rose gets her shit together with a swiftness: "All right. Now I'm making the decision. I'm not gonna die; we're gonna ride this one out." She opens up a large cupboard and tells them to use their earthquake readiness skills. "...You can survive them by standing under a doorframe. Now, this cupboard's small, so it's strong." She and Harriet empty the cupboard.

The New York anchor says that the Council has released the codes, and the Slitheen scream at the telephone. Mickey hacks into the missile-interception grid before the Doctor even tells him to. Downstairs, the Sergeant is alerted to the incoming missile, which is on radar everywhere, and soaring over London. He sets off the fire alarms all over 10 Downing Street and begins to evacuate the building. Bursting in on the Slitheen, the Sergeant immediately turns around and leaves, because everybody knows you don't bother naked people in government offices. Too weird. Even if they're eight feet tall and green. Jackie runs out onto Mickey's balcony to watch the missile fly across the sky toward her daughter. It's quite a moment: so believable and understandable, and so touching. It's her best goodbye: awkward, goggling, helpless, desperate. Again.

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