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The Waters Of Mars

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The Man Who Was Sunday
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You wanted her to love you.

That's what it comes down to, isn't it? You wanted to think there was a point. A point at which, a point at which the fear and the power would be overcome by the love. You wanted to go back to the place where everything was safe. Where somebody would stop you. But we're well beyond that point now. You're past the point where love matters. The angel took you to the precise point, the exact moment. And then the bells began to play.

It doesn't matter now; these are fixed points. These are the moments, the spaces in time, where your hearts stopped beating and the drums began. It's all you wanted. That point, that precise quiet point, flying above all that... Mess. That chaos. Where you could twist in the storm and just be loved. Be real, be the doctor. Doctor us. Be the Doctor, and rest.

But somewhere in time there's a lady, an older lady, watching a vid screen. And you're there. Little sick eyes, little secret imagination watching. All the things you'll never have; all the men you'll never be. She's talking to her daughter, who's giving her daughter in turn a little jolt, a pretty little wave, as she cries out and whispers. As she reaches out toward the screen, like she's trying to meet her -- all the way across the solar system, she'll reach for Adelaide. Her grandmother, who dies today.

She's been gone for two years; her kids are nearly over missing her, and it makes her sad. Every time she tries to say something the solar flares act up. She knows this, and that her daughter can't hear her, urging her to talk faster, talk faster, so she can hear it all before she's gone. And then she's gone.

The Doctor lands on Mars in a funny red spacesuit with a yellow helmet, wandering away from the TARDIS with a huge smile on his face. Davros said he ran, and kept running, out of shame. But it isn't shame, it's pain. Without a home to go home to, Earth is all he's got, and she keeps breaking his heart. Watch.

Yuri's joking around outside Bowie Base One while they watch him on the cameras, inside. He's wasting time, but it's just a joke: A solar panel, painted brightly with NO TRESPASSERS. It's a joke, because there's nobody here. Some of them inside are charmed but most of them are just spread too thin. "We come all this way, to an empty planet, untouched by civilization, and what do we do? Put up cheap jokes. That's not funny, that's pollution!" Ed's the reliable one; there's a whole story there, but we only see pieces of it. Adelaide comes in, a little edgy from seeing her daughter, and yells at them all, especially Ed, but after two years it's hard to take her seriously.

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