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Zombie Grandma Is Way Cooler Than All Other Zombies

Cut for time: the Doctor doodles around in the TARDIS while Rose is getting dressed, and then when she comes in, he just kinda stares: "Blimey!" She tells him not to laugh, but he exclaims, "You look beautiful!" She stops giggling, and smiles at him. There's a pause, and the Doctor looks off awkwardly. "...Considering," he adds, and starts sonically screwdriving again like nothing happened. So of course Rose is like, "Considering what?" And he says, "That you're human!" Which is amusing, but confusing for Rose, and then she waves it off as a compliment, and asks if he isn't going to change, and he says he already changed his jumper, but he means sweater, and then he heads for the door and she cuts in front of him: "You've done this before. This is mine!" And she opens the door, and looks out at "1860," and it's delightful. But this is the second time that the cut scene has involved intimacy between Rose and the Doctor, which is a line but not a plane, so we can't call it a pattern unless it happens next week, and anyway you should know that this happened, because it's adorable.

Rose steps out of the TARDIS, makes one tiny footprint in the snow, and then draws back again. She steps down to the ground, and the Doctor follows her out: "Ready for this?" She smiles and they link arms. "Here we go," he says. "History!" They walk out into town with gigantic smiles.

The curtains open for Dickens's show, which is a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol. Either the score or the orchestra gives a flourish as he steps out: Crazy Zombie Grandma is sitting right in the middle of the crowd, staring at the stage. We get closer, and she's still really creepy. Really, really creepy.

The Doctor and Rose walk down the street, looking at everything. Rose is totally blown away by all of it, and the Doctor's just busting with pride, as usual. He walks off down a side street, and there are carolers in the background, and they are not singing in Italian, and how would you be confused about that? With the shop signs and all? Kan Rose Even Read? Near the Taliesin now, they are close by as Sneed and Gwyneth arrive and jump down from the hearse, just as the Doctor is buying a newspaper which informs him that they are in 1869, and not in Naples, but in Cardiff. The Doctor acts like this is finding yourself in Waco, but Rose just kind of shrugs. Score one for Welsh tolerance. Or at least indifferance.

Inside the Taliesin, Kung Fu Zombie Grandma is staring intently as Dickens performs A Christmas Carol from memory (specifically, the part about Marley's face appearing in the door knocker). The audience is deliciously chilled and thrilled by all of this: "It looked at Scrooge as Marley used to look. It looked like..." Dickens sees Grandma Redpath, who has begun leaking strange blue gas and light. "Oh, my lord! It that!" He shakes and points at the old lady, back to his old drama tricks: "What phantasmagoria is this?" The corpse stands and wails loud and long and horribly. All the people in the audience simultaneously wig and try to run, getting kind of violent in their excitement.

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