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Zombie Grandma Is Way Cooler Than All Other Zombies

So that's a historical. I didn't so much like the wordplay and simplistic Dickens stuff. I liked a lot of the rest, though. The shivery Gelth, and the honor of Gwyneth -- I feel like her death was pretty earned. I like that Rose got called on her "nice to the janitor" crap, and that the whole thing with the mystery of what happened to the Doctor is continuing to influence the stories. I like the attention painted to making Dickens a complete character, instead of just some old writer guy -- from now on, I think I'll probably think of this Dickens when I think of Dickens at all: bloated, no more egotistic than he deserves, alone and addictive and prickly and smart and kind. I like that Rose was right but wrong, and that the Doctor was wrong but right, and that the conflict seemed to hinge on Rose's bourgeois taboos but actually ended up hinging on the Doctor's secret guilt or whatever; that was cool. I like how they were able to fight each other about it without either of them playing the big cards, like, he told her he could drop her home if she didn't straighten up, but he didn't say, "I'm nine hundred years old and you've no A-levels" or whatever, because the love is real. It makes me want to watch earlier seasons of the show, which the other episodes pointedly did not make me do, and that's pretty profound. So yeah, I liked it altogether, but I can see getting bored with historical episodes if there are going to be a lot of them. (Where's Jackie? I miss Jackie.) Ultimately, I think it's a good balance to the last episode, in terms of future and past, but also in terms of Rose continuing to find her footing. She wouldn't have disagreed with the Doctor on Platform One to this degree -- just ribbed him for being a show-off and then demanded to know what the plan of action was. So that's a good development. All in all, a good early episode. Looking forward to next week.

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