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The Gangers All Here

In the dining hall, the originals mill about. Amy and Rory tend to Ganger Buzz's dead body. The exact words they're speaking aren't really clear, but their gestures and tone evoke a disagreement. Rory is trying to make Amy understand why he was helping Jennifer but Amy seems a bit closed off. The Doctor asks for the most easily defended place in the monastery. Cleaves says that would be the chapel. The Doctor is glum, saying, "You've crossed one hell of a line, Cleaves. You've killed one of them. They're coming back, in a big way." Indeed, three of the remaining gangers are currently marching through the monastery in their acid suits, spears in hand. Elsewhere, the original Jennifer is limping around, looking like a mouse that just barely escaped the trap. She hears Rory's voice in the distance and hobbles toward it. Above her, ganger Jennifer is clinging to the ceiling like a gooey white spider.

The Doctor and the originals make their way to the chapel. Rory hears Jennifer screaming and starts to head back. The Doctor and Amy both try to get him to head into the chapel, but he refuses to leave Jennifer alone out there. Rory runs off as the gangers advance on the chapel. The Doctor drags Any inside and shuts the door. From somewhere in the chapel, a man's anguished voice asks, "Why? Why?" While the others work to barricade the door, the Doctor looks around the chapel. "This is insane," Jimmy laughs nervously. "We're fighting ourselves!" "Yes, it's insane and it's about to get even insanerer," the Doctor says. He hears himself say that and goes, "Is that a word?" I think you know it's not, buddy. Luckily, there are issues more pressing than grammar. Amy reminds him that things are sort of going to hell at the moment. A voice - the Doctor's - pipes up from across the chapel. "Correct in every respect, Pond! It's frightening, unexpected, and frankly a total, utter, splattering mess on the carpet." The Doctor and Amy stare gobsmacked at the speaker who is finally revealed to be the Doctor himself, or very nearly so. He has the suit jacket, the bow tie, the tidal wave of hair cascading over his temple, but his features are not yet fully formed. He assures them everything will work out just fine. "Trust me," he says, adjusting his tie. "I'm the Doctor!"

And that's where we leave off for the week. The "what is a life?" debate is certainly not new territory in science fiction, but it can be fun going over old ground as long you like your traveling companions. I'll be back June 4 with the next new episode.

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