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The Rebel Flesh

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The Gangers All Here

Almost-Cleaves makes her way to the acid room, where the half-formed versions of Buzz, Dicken and Jimmy have gathered. They look at each other for a long time, uncertain at first and then recognizing each other for the first time as separate entities from their progenitors. "We have the advantage now," she says. "We have the acid suits. We can move freely, strike at will." The others give her uncertain looks. I think. It's sort of hard to tell with these faces.

Rory and Jennifer are wandering around the outside of the monastery. She's fully formed now and reassuring him that she feels stronger now. He promises the Doctor will want to help her. When he uses her name, she's so touched that she takes his face in her hands and kisses his cheek. What a cute couple they'd make. Too bad he's married. As they move on, Cleaves emerges from the shadows and runs in the opposite direction. Sneaky!

Meanwhile, Amy is still looking for her hubby. She peers behind a door and finds the eye-patch lady staring back at her from a hole in the opposite wall. The lady seals up the hole and Amy, frightened, stumbles away from the door. Rory is just coming up behind her. Amy's relieved to see him until she sees Jennifer at his side. "She needs protecting," he says, holding her hand. Buzz and Dicken arrive on the scene. "Jen?" one of them asks hopefully. "No, it's a ganger," Amy says. She starts to say something to Rory, but he cuts her off. "Nobody touches her," he says, all forceful and protective. He gives a warning look to Buzz and Dicken.

In the acid room, the Doctor runs into the other gangers. "Hello!" He gives them a big smile. "How are we all getting on?" The gangers are suspicious. I, too, am suspicious of friendly people. The Doctor suggests they all work together and they must find this amenable, as the next thing we see is the gangers following him through the monastery. They're all in their fully human forms now, something that the Doctor advises them to try to maintain for the benefit of the others. Cleaves peers out of the shadows, watching them. Her ganger self senses her in some way and stops. Cleaves ducks back into the shadows as Almost-Cleaves turns her head all the way around to look behind her. That's going to come in so handy for parallel parking.

In the dining hall, everyone's questioning Jennifer about original Jennifer. She swears she hasn't seen her. She tries to make a case for being as much Jennifer as the other one, but Jimmy and the others aren't buying it. Even Amy is wary. "We don't really know anything about them yet," she says to Rory. "Well, I know that she's afraid," he says, "and she needs our help." Amy starts to protest, but Rory holds up his hand. About this time, the Doctor walks in with the gangers. Gangers and originals are equally weirded out by their mirror images. "Before we do anything," begins the Doctor, sounding very serious, "I have one very important question: Has anybody got a pair of shoes I could borrow?" A wide size 10, if you were wondering. Everyone gapes at this strange, unshod man.

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