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The Rebel Flesh

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The Gangers All Here

The Doctor and companions head for the factory's monitoring station to check on the storm just as the sky bursts into flame. The building shakes. The computers in the monitoring room spark and smoke. The Doctor warns them about an impending big-ass power surge, summing it up with: "Kaboom!" He dashes for the door, crying, "I've got to get to that cockerel before all hell breaks loose!" Then, delighted with himself, he pauses. "I never thought I'd have to say that again!" He shakes himself out of his cockerel-related reverie, reminds Amy to breathe, then continues his mad dash for the weather vane.

When he gets outside, the sky is streaked with amber light. Lightning flashes. Inside the control room, the harnesses crackle and pop. Acid pipes inside and out begin to spring leaks. The TARDIS, now sitting in a pool of acid, begins to sink into the ground. The Doctor climbs a ladder toward the weather vane and pops open a fuse box just as lighting strikes again. The flash of light momentarily illuminates the yogurt complexion of the gangers. The Doctor flips a switch, but a bolt of lightning knocks him to the ground. Inside, the yogurt vat is blasted with bolts of electricity. The room goes dark. Anyone who's heard of Dr. Frankenstein in any incarnation knows where this is about to lead.

The storm begins to fade. The molten amber of the sky gives way to gray. The Doctor gasps and sits upright. In the yogurt room, Rory and Amy are lying unconscious on the floor. They went there from the monitoring station for some reason, I guess? The two stir. Rory: "For want of a better word: owww." Heh.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has found Cleaves standing outside, looking rather lost. She apologizes and admits she was wrong not to listen to the Doctor. As they head back inside together, the Doctor figures they've been out for an hour, although to Cleaves it felt like only a minute or two. The Doctor is very doom-and-gloom about how much can go wrong in an hour, which elicits a funny little sigh from Cleaves. She's only known him for a few scenes and she's already exasperated.

Amy and Rory run to the control room. Jimmy and Dicken are helping a shaken Buzz out of his harness. Jennifer is sitting in a corner of the room, sobbing. Rory goes to her. "It hurt so much," she says, wide-eyed. He hugs her and comforts her. She says she couldn't get out of her harness and thought she was going to die. Rory hugs her again while Amy looks on with a proud smile. The Doctor runs in with Cleaves. Amy, believing everyone in the room to be real people, wonders where the gangers are. Cleaves says they would have reverted to Flesh when the power went out. To prove her wrong, Dusty Springfield begins to sing from somewhere in the monastery. The gangers are holding a karaoke contest!

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