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The Rebel Flesh

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The Gangers All Here
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The camera zooms across a glassy lake toward a rocky island. Atop this island is an imposing stone building, like a fortress or aspiring castle. It's seen better days. Clouds roil overhead. Inside the stone building, three people wearing futuristic hazmat suits walk into a long, dark corridor. The suits are reddish brown and have segmented shields down the torsos, making the wearers appear almost insect-like, although the faces inside the helmets are human. Two of them - men - carry long spear things. One of them tells the lights to come on and they do, revealing a network of pipes lining the corridor walls. They go to a room where there's a thing that looks like a well, but one of the trio says "acid visors down and locked" so it's nothing that pleasant. A young woman takes readings of the well with a scanner and says the acid potency is down. One of the guys walks around the edge of the acid well. "Prettier than a computer, isn't she?" he asks. "Give over, Buzz!" his female colleague says and gives him a playful shove. Buzz slips into the acid well. There's a sizzle and some smoke, but nobody seems especially worried about Buzz. They're more worried about ruining the expensive suit. The other man, Jimmy, says there's no point bringing Buzz back legless and Buzz seems not at all distressed by this. As Buzz's coworkers leave the room, Buzz waves goodbye. His fingers dissolve into goop.

The two still-solid workers head back into the corridor complaining about the scanner not working properly. Buzz is waiting for them, none the worse for wear. "I think we better talk about what just happened back there," he says. For a second it seems like bad things are going to happen, but then they all tease each other about worker's comp and clumsiness and filing reports. "This body costs money," Buzz jokes. "Not as much as the acid suit," Jimmy says, not joking anymore. "It's not like anyone was hurt," Buzz says, trying to bring levity back to the conversation. Back in the acid well, another Buzz's face is dissolving. Ooh-wee-ooh!

TARDIS. Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole" as Rory and Amy play darts. Does the TARDIS have an iPod dock? Probably. Everything has an iPod dock now. Rory's not doing that well. Or, as Amy puts it: "Rubbishy, rubbishy, rubbish." While they figure out their scores, the Doctor's standing at the console, fretting over the latest scan of Amy's quantum pregnancy. I hope she gives him an earful when she inevitably finds out he's been scanning her. The Doctor flicks off the monitor and the Muse and tries to be cheerful. "Why wants fish and chips?" He offers to drop the kids off while he does other things... mysteriously sneaky things. Amy instantly knows something is up, but before the Doctor can stand there gawping at her for too long, an alarm starts blaring. They've been caught up in a "solar tsunami" that shakes the TARDIS around like a Yahtzee cup. "Assume the position!" shouts the Doctor. Amy runs to a nearby seat, puts her head between her knees and waits for the crash. Everything stills. "Textbook landing," the Doctor says with a sheepish smile.

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