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Cubic's Ruse

The Doctor decides he needs some fresh air and goes up top to sit with Amy for a bit. The world is probably in imminent danger, but let's pause to talk about your feelings. The Doctor knows his current companions are thinking about quitting. Amy says the adventures are starting to feeling like she's running away from real life. The Doctor explains it's not running away at all. The way he describes his travels sounds like a bucket list. Not because his own time is running out, but because moments and places and people in the universe are fleeting. "I'm not running away from things," he says. "I'm running to them, before they flare and fade forever." That includes Rory and Amy, the girl who was the first person he saw when he became this person he is now. She rests her head on his shoulder. It's very sweet, but the placement in the story is clunky, making it feel shoehorned when it should feel vital.

The Doctor has a sudden insight about why the cubes shut off after scanning everyone and runs back to tell Kate. The power goes off in the Tower. In the darkness, Amy notices that the cubes are all lit up in blue with the number seven. As they watch, it changes to a six. Cubes all over the world bear the same number. The Doctor figures it's a countdown of some sort and advises Kate to get the word out. Amy wonders why the cubes are now, after all this time, suddenly counting down to something. The Doctor thinks it's because they were waiting for people to take them all into their homes, which seemed to have happened ages ago, but whatever.

At some point, the power came back on, so the Doctor scans the computers for any power fluctuations leading to the cubes. People all over the world start disposing of their cubes. Why would the cubes warn people with a countdown? Wouldn't it be smarter to just commence their devious plans? Stupid cubes. Anyway, back at the hospital, Rory sends his dad off on some errand. Brian ends up getting abducted by the Pentagonal Twins. Why do they take him? Who knows? Rory goes looking for him just in time to see the PTs wheeling him into a freight elevator on a gurney. The music is all tense and dramatic in the hopes that you won't notice how many nonsensical plot points there are. Rory follows them into the elevator and discovers that one of the walls is a portal that leads to a spaceship. The ship orbits high above the Earth, surrounded by some kind of energy field. The field is made up of interconnected hexagons. What in the hell is up with all the geometric shapes?

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