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Cubic's Ruse

All over the world, the cubes are becoming mundane. People use them as paperweights, coasters, or otherwise ignore them. A bunch of them still litter the streets. Like, wouldn't people at least sweep them away so they wouldn't run over them and get a flat tire? Or trip over them, as I surely would have done a thousand times over? Anyway, it's June of the next year and Amy and Rory's friends have gathered at their home to celebrate their anniversary. Amy calls the Doctor and tells him via voicemail that the U.N. has classified the cubes as "provisionally safe." She doesn't get to finish her message, because the Doctor pops up behind her. He takes her and Rory to the Savoy Hotel in 1890. Amy and Rory both look gorgeous in their period duds. The Doctor promises to have them back to their anniversary party in no time, but Rory is so happy for the visit that he plants a big kiss on the Doctor's cheek.

They go on other little adventures, too, including one where Amy accidentally marries King Henry VIII, before finally returning to the party. "How long have they been gone?" Brian asks the Doctor. The Doctor plays dumb, but Brian, ever the keen observer, has noticed that Amy and Rory are wearing suddenly different clothes. The Doctor admits it's been seven weeks. He and Brian have a sad chat about what's happened to his companions over the years. Some leave, some are lost and a few died. The Doctor promises it won't happen to Amy and Rory, but he doesn't look like he believes it. Later, he asks Amy if he can stay for another visit. "I miss you," he says. She tries not to let him see just how tickled she is.

July. The cubes start doing stuff. Finally. Brian's spins a few times. A cube near Rory opens and closes. A cube in their bedroom pricks Amy's palm and measures her pulse. While the Doctor's playing around with the Wii, another cube floats around in front of him. He addresses the cube: "Whatever you are, this planet -- these people -- are precious to me, and I will defend them till my last breath." The cube opens up, reveals a little gun and starts shooting at him. Of course, he's just as happy as could be about this latest development. Rory heads off to the hospital to take care of the sudden influx of cube victims and takes his dad with him for some reason. At the same time, Kate summons the Doctor to the Tower of London. He brings Amy because, I don't know, maybe somebody will need to be insulted.

At UNIT's headquarters in the Tower, Kate tells them that all the cubes worldwide activated at the same time. They've got 50 cubes in isolation chambers and they're all doing something different. One belches fire. Another makes a woman cry uncontrollably. The most horrifying cube plays "The Chicken Dance Song" on endless loop. Kate says she's feeling lost. "Don't despair, Kate," the Doctor says. "Your dad never did." He reveals that he knows she's the Brigadier's daughter. She was Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, but dropped part of the name because she didn't want any favors. A tech guy who's been studying computer readouts says that all the cubes have all shut down at once.

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