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Cubic's Ruse
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Narrator Amy says, "Life with the Doctor was like this," and then there's hard rock music and flashes of all their crazy adventures. This contrasts this with her and Rory's everyday life, which consists of needing glasses and doing the laundry and cleaning out the fridge. They sit in the garden, chat, and realize they need to choose between their two lives. Right on cue, the TARDIS materializes and they decide they don't need to choose just quite yet. Narrator Amy says that although she and Rory became a part of the Doctor's life every time they left with him, he never stayed around long enough to become a part of theirs. This all changed during the year of the Slow Invasion, as she calls it. During her narration, a little black cube floats into her and Rory's bedroom and lands quietly on the nightstand.

The next morning, Rory's dad Brian shows up on their doorstep all in a tizzy. He's got a little black cube of his own. In fact, there are little black cubes dotting the sidewalks, windowsills and just about every other flat surface around. They establish that nobody knows what the little doohickeys are or from where they came. All Brian knows is that they seem to be everywhere. Amy notices the Doctor perched atop a playground structure nearby, studying one of the cubes. "Invasion of the very small cubes," he says, smiling. "That's new!"

Clips from news broadcasts around the world lend an air of verisimilitude. The best is from Professor Brian Cox, Star of those "Wonders of the Universe" shows and quite possibly the most adorable professor ever. "Well, they're certainly not random space debris," he says, holding up one of the cubes. "They're too perfectly formed for that. Are they extraterrestrial in origin? Well, you'll have to ask a better man than me." Not possible.

The Doctor and friends have gathered in the TARDIS. The Doctor says all the cubes are all identical, right down to their atoms. Brian worries they may be tiny bombs, or alien eggs, or parts of some awful jigsaw puzzle. Honestly, they look kind of like components for Ikea furniture. Like somewhere there's a giant alien who can't finish putting together his new media center because a bunch of the pieces got shipped to the wrong address. The Doctor, either impressed or humoring him, tasks Brian with watching over a stack of cubes. Meanwhile, the Doctor sets up a makeshift lab in Amy and Rory's kitchen to run a few tests. He's somewhat shocked to learn that Rory and Amy both have normal lives when they're not with him. While Rory gets ready for his job at the hospital, Amy says she thinks she and Rory have been traveling off and on with the Doctor for ten years. The Doctor notes, with both sadness and pride, that Amy's all grown up now. The tender moment is interrupted when armed UNIT soldiers barge into the kitchen. One of them marches a half-dressed Rory into the kitchen. "There are soldiers all over my house, and I'm in my pants," he says, gesturing to his cute little boxer briefs.

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