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by Angel Cohn April 15, 2010
The Karen Gillan Doctor Who Interview

You might be scratching your head trying to figure out who this pretty redhead is and why she merits an interview. Her name isn't familiar; she isn't really recognizable; in fact, she could be any Scottish girl. However, Karen Gillan is the very lucky Scotswoman who landed the coveted role of Amy Pond, the Doctor's newest companion on Doctor Who. This plucky 23-year-old has just stepped out of relative obscurity and into the wild world of time travel and even wilder world of overly enthusiastic fanboys. We got a chance to sit down with Gillan during her first-ever trip to New York to chat about her new role, the reception she's received in the UK (where the lastest season of Who has already premiered) and how her life has changed.

TWoP: Congratulations! You must be thrilled.
Gillan: Yes, I am beyond excited about this whole thing. It's so exciting to come over here and kind of introduce this season to people across the pond.

TWoP: Did you watch Doctor Who when you were younger?
Gillan: Well, it wasn't on television a lot while I was growing up, so no, I didn't. But then it came back in 2005, and I sort of saw all of it then, because my mum is such a sci-fi fan, and I kind of watched them through with her. I never really got into it until now, really.

TWoP: So your mom must be thrilled.
Gillan: Yeah!

TWoP: Did she give you any sort of advice?
Gillan: No, surprisingly not. I thought she was gonna be like, "You have to do this," you know, or "I like this companion," but she trusted me to it.

TWoP: So who did you model your companion role on?
Gillan: No one. The character was written by Stephen Moffat and that dictated what she was like, and I just kind of had some instincts about it. She's not based on anyone. She's a very peculiar girl, though.

TWoP: Do you think she's a lot like you?
Gillan: I think we're really different, actually. She's quite weird and a very sort of lost soul with this hardened exterior. She does these odd things and is willing to get into adventures. She's really very cool, and I'm not cool.

TWoP: The little girl that plays young Amy, is adorable. Did you bond?
Gillan: We're cousins! I'm so proud of watching her. She did a great job in setting up the character. I was very happy.

TWoP: Were you surprised to get the call to be on this massive hit show?

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