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Goodbye Sarah Jane
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An aristocratic pirate-looking King in support hose comes running through an old house looking for the Doctor, and finds him sneezing underneath his wife's petticoats, so he goes to the Tower of London and then is spirited away by a twenty-foot magical sphere.

Hundreds of years later, Amy finds this of interest, even though from our perspective all of this already happened, so she's just reading about history, and none of this part of the episode makes sense.

The Doctor gets caught doing something somewhere dogs are barking, and Amy's all "It's like he's being deliberately ridiculous, trying to attract our attention!" even though that makes no sense, and the Doctor appears, fez and all, in a Laurel & Hardy episode, which goes unnoticed. It has been two months since the wedding.

Rory: "So what are you saying? Do you really think he's back there trying to wave to us out of history books?"

No, because that is ridiculous. All of this stuff already happened. Although given Moffat's feelings about women -- "I've already explained the jokes to you," Rory whines about the black and white comedies -- it's entirely possible that Amy just discovered history books and thus thinks that everything that ever happened is a message from the Doctor.

There's disrespect for or confusion about time travel -- Moffat hallmarks -- but this is just disrespect for... Time. A TARDIS-blue envelope arrives, both for Amy and Rory and, ages and galaxies away, for River Song. Funny bit here with the Stormcage soldier-guards, as usual:

"You'd better get down here sir, she's doing it again. Dr. Song, sir, she's... Packing."

A schoolbus (why?) pulls up to nowhere on a highway, and the kids get out as told: There's the Doctor, hanging out on the hood of a car in a Stetson, looking absolutely fantastic. Lots of hugs, and then River blows the hat off his head with her gun. Stetson's may be cool, but that's even cooler.

The Doctors do diaries -- River, awesomely, in re: Easter Island: "They worshipped you there! Have you seen the statues?" -- and Amy explains how things work with River and the Doctor. (For now. The mechanics of their storylines gets rewritten every time she appears.) "They're both time travellers, so they never meet in the right order."

Sad Doctor, being needlessly cryptic about why they're all there: "I've been running, faster than I've ever run, and I've been running my whole life. Now it's time for me to stop. And tonight I'm going to need you all with me."

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