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Yeah, definitely a person, or a place. "Fall" as in battle, not as in silence. So the atmosphere is okay, and the Atraxi take off, but then the Doctor calls them back -- apologizing to Rory about his cell bill -- and yells at them. "I didn't say you could go! Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation. This is a fully established, level 5 planet, and you were going to burn it? What, did you think no one was watching? You lot, back here. Now!"

Rory's appalled -- "Did he just save the world from aliens and then bring all the aliens back again?" -- but the Doctor, who is at least a little nervous about this for a second, realizes he needs to dress for their arrival. Amy watches him dress, grinning adorably, even when Rory tells her to turn her back. Can't blame you.

They run out on the roof and a giant eyeball scans him while he gets dressed in his Official Eleven Outfit -- he chats it up about which tie goes with this outfit, the usual -- and runs down the rules: Earth is not a threat, Earth is not guilty. But is this world protected? It thinks and thinks: From the Rachnoss and the Dalek Vault all the way to the rubber monsters of the Sixties... And then all Ten Doctors, in rapid succession, as the Atraxi get more and more terrified, and he asks again: What happened to all those bad guys?

"Hello, I'm the Doctor," he says, looking at the camera. "Basically..." a, b, c...n = x.

Much laughing and hugging and whatever, and then back to the Pond house to reacquaint himself with the TARDIS, who has recreated herself. He grins at her, from the door -- we don't see anything but light -- and shakes his head. "Oh, you sexy thing. Look at you!" They take off, and Amy stares after him, and closes her eyes. Burnt for believing, once again.

Cut to Amelia, out in the sunlight the morning after, hearing the TARDIS and smiling up into the sky... Amy wakes up. It's night. She stares out the window, too afraid to smile, too afraid to break the spell. When she moves, she moves fast, like an animal: Down the stairs, out into the garden in her nightie and slippers, and there he is. Just a few minutes later, in his complete outfit -- brown jacket, bowtie -- grinning like nothing, tapping her door proudly.

She makes fun of his bowtie and he woggles his eyebrows: "Yeah, it's cool. Bowties are cool." She cocks her head at him: "Are you from another planet?" Yes. And speaking of, does she want to go see them? All of them?

"All that stuff, the hospital, the spaceships, Prisoner Zero..."

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