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So now we follow up with why he needed the phone, which is because he's writing a computer virus, about which a, b, c ... n also equals x, and sending it from the phone for reasons he's not telling us to all of the geniuses onscreen. It's a "reset command" which "gets in the wi-fi" and "resets every counter it can find." Basically, the entire world will begin transmitting ZERO at the same time, making -- another favorite Moffat theme -- the Prisoner and the message the same thing. Then he hands the worlds' leaders over to Jeff, and we get another speech that means nothing but rising music and believe-in-yourself treacle, delivered to someone we couldn't care less about.

"In ten minutes, you're going to be a legend. In ten minutes, everyone is going to be offering you any job you want. But first, you have to be magnificent. You have to make them trust you and get them working. This is it, Jeff. Right here, right now. This is when you fly. Today's the day you save the world."

Barf. Just believe him for twenty minutes, Random Dude. Just twenty minutes.

Running, running, still very tattered and raggedy... These new credits -- they show both Time Vortices on the ad bumpers here on BBCA -- it's funny, and interesting, because the old credits, it was redshift/blueshift according to direction of travel (and golden that time that Rose did that thing). This is like ice, and fire.

Rory and Amy are fussing about outside the hospital blockade and trying to get the Doctor on the phone. There's a neat moment where we don't hear her conversation, and she goes, "Oh," and Rory asks what he said, and he said "Look in the mirror," because of course she's dressed like a stripper policewoman. And while that's a bit dodgy, her laugh when she figures it out is just wonderful. Ha-haa, she says. It's great. She puts her hair back up, and we see the Doctor has stolen a firetruck.

Out into the abandoned hallway comes the Peep Show lady, twins by the hand, and their heads twitching in the same directions, and the voices coming out of all three of them by turns, and Zero figures out he's doing the voices wrong: "So many mouths," she says, and that's scary enough, but then her teeth! Lots of choppy cuts back and forth as the thing chases them through the hospital while the Doctor, still on the phone, tries to get there on time.

"Oh, dear. Little Amelia Pond. I've watched you grow up. Twelve years, and you never even knew I was there." (Ack! Eugh!) "Little Amelia Pond, waiting for her magic Doctor to return. But not this time, Amelia." Of course, the Doctor comes flying through the window that Amy directed him to, and they face off. Zero knows what he is, and explains that if she drops the disguise the Atraxi will find and kill him: "If I am to die: Let there be fire." What a gorgeous line. The Doctor points out that Zero opened the crack, but apparently he's wrong. And again, there's the sense that every second of this episode is important, not because we're so clever but because the show needs us to see how clever it is:

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