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So yes, she believes, she's ungrowing, she holds up the keyfob and unlocks the car door, and they run over and grab Rory. Who is her boyfriend. And who has been standing a few yards away the whole time she's been dressed like porn and throwing this hot young Doctor man around the place, but they just didn't notice each other. Now it's Rory's turn to not answer simple goddamn questions, like what's special about the man-and-dog, because he's got to stutter about the Raggedy Doctor for a bit and finally explain that man-and-dog is also in a coma in the hospital... And the Doctor finishes his sentences, because this is the next clue.

Rory gets a good line -- "What? There's a Prisoner Zero too?" -- before all kinds of barking and spaceships interrupt the Doctor's faceoff with Zero, and the Doctor realizes that not even being the man-and-dog will hide Zero if he causes a massive electrical/technological disturbance, so he sonics this whole area of town and things go wild: Lampposts exploding, sirens going off, a lady on a Jazzy that goes mad (hilarious, and also seemingly stressful for old Rory to watch) and rushes out into traffic, and so on.

The eyeball ship appears to scan the area, and the Doctor blows up a phone booth, but this somehow destroys his screwdriver, and the eyeball loses interest. The Doctor whines about this, and the man-and-dog vanish and slip down a helpful drain grate. So now we've got no TARDIS, no screwdriver, and seventeen minutes. And they don't even know how crummy it is, because also Zero is now at the hospital being all kinds of menacing.

Amy and the Doctor make a nonverbal agreement to actually use complete sentences, since they have seventeen minutes to chat and fuck about, and he confirms for her that yes, the dog-and-man has been hiding in her house for twelve years, which is a blip to a Multiform like Zero, and that it was the Doctor who led the eyeball ships to Earth today, rather than them showing up when it first escaped, the answer to a question nobody cares about, because of that time the eyeball saw him through the crack. "They're only late because I am," he says, and then goes back to be annoyingly uncommunicative, snatching Rory's phone and doing stuff to it while they talk about the Doctor and how Amy used to make Rory dress up like him (when they were kids, don't be gross) and how these are all coma patients, which we knew. Eight comas, eight disguises for Prisoner Zero -- including a dog this time, because there's a dog in the guy's coma dream. Clearly, what this means is that the Doctor needs a laptop.

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