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Finally, A Crossover With House!
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Hello, hello. I will be your temporary, fill-in recapper for this episode. Just think of me as Paul McGann, here for one episode only. At the beginning of the next episode, I'll regenerate into some other recapper.

My recording starts a couple of seconds late, but we open on a couple of dirty... I would say "urchins," but they're elderly, not children. Let's call them dirty eldurchins. The man is dressed in a somewhat French-Foreign-Legion looking outfit, and he speaks with a French(ish) accent. I wonder if he knows the Little Prince? The woman is dressed either in a 19th-century dress turning into rags, or a pile of rags assembled to look like a 19th-century dress. And, thanks to a knowledge-bomb dropped on me by reader Linda R., I can identify her accent as Mummerset. And they're in the middle of what looks like a junkyard. Anyway, the man ("Uncle") is talking to a younger, less dirty, less ragged woman he calls Idris. She has apparently been volunteered for some procedure. Oh, look, there's an Ood, but with creepy green eyes. I think he might have jaundice. Idris asks the woman ("Auntie") what will happen. Auntie: "Nephew will drain your mind and your soul from your body, and leave your body empty." Well, if that's all. Idris asks if it will hurt. Auntie: "Well, I expect so dear. But soon you'll have a new soul. There'll be a Time Lord coming." And with that, the Ood (who must be Nephew) puts his hand-like appendages on the sides of Idris's head, and she starts screaming.

TARDIS. The Doctor is telling Rory some story about a mix-up between a robot king and a real king. It doesn't ring a bell with me, but when Rory asks Amy if she believes a word of it, she claims to have been there at the time. While the Doctor responds to a warning light, Rory pulls Amy aside and asks her if she's still thinking about the fact that they saw the Doctor get murdered. Naturally, she is, even though said murder takes place about two hundred years in the Doctor's future. And then there's a knock at the door. It sounds like "Shave and a Haircut," but maybe that's just the TARDIS's perception filter working on me. Everyone's a bit mystified at who could be knocking, since they happen to be traveling through space at the moment. But the Doctor never could resist a mystery, so he naturally opens the door. And is confronted by a glowing cube, about three inches on a side. It's the Cosmic Cube! Look out, Thanos must be around here somewhere! Oh, wait, my bad -- wrong fictional universe. The Doctor calls the cube a "scrumptious little beauty," and reaches out for it. Before he can touch it, it shoots off into the TARDIS and bounces around the control room. After it settles on the floor, Amy asks the Doctor what it is. Doctor: "I've got mail!"

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