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Treebeard's Christmas Vacation
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This year's Christmas Special opens with a ginormous alien ship looming over our little blue marble of a planet. Just as it prepares to blast Earth into oblivion -- as one does around Christmastime every year -- the ship begins to explode. A computer voice blares, "Intruder alert!" Nothing gets past you, Explody. Inside, the Doctor runs down a corridor chased by explosions and debris. Fireballs! Exciting music! Slow motion falling! The bit of ship he's standing on disintegrates and he's left holding onto some wiring to keep from being sucked into the vacuum of space. He reaches for a nearby spacesuit, but it whooshes by him. He whooshes after it. Somehow, instead of turning into a Time Lord Slurpee, he flails and grabs the suit. Also, he screams. In space. Audibly. Alien had it all wrong. He plummets into the opening credits.

He crash lands in a field in some English town in the 1930s. A woman riding her bicycle nearby looks over to see the fiery blast and herself crashes into a shrub. She goes over to investigate and finds the silver-suited spaceman lying face-down in a small crater. She seems a practical sort, and helpful, too, as she asks if this stranger might need any help. At the Doctor's request, she opens the visor on his spacesuit and sees the back of his head. "I think you've got your helmet on backwards; however did you manage that?" she asks. "I got dressed in a hurry," the Doctor groans.

The kindly lady goes back home. Her son Cyril has a telescope at the window; her daughter is unimpressed. Since her husband's in the garden, she tells Cyril to pass along a message. "Tell him I've borrowed Mr. Goldsmith's car. I've found a spaceman in a field -- possibly an angel -- but he's injured and I can't get his helmet off, so I'm taking him into town to find a police telephone box."

In town, the kindly lady drives into a post. "We seem to bump into quite a lot of things," the Doctor remarks beside her. She is kind, but apparently not a great driver. (The Doctor makes some remark about his "impact suit" still being in the process of repairing him, just so we understand why he's not a Time Lord pizza.) She guides him over to what looks like the TARDIS, but as the Doctor doesn't have a key on him, she picks the lock with a hairpin. "Somehow the last 900 years of time travel seem a bit less secure," he says on her success. She lets that go and invites him to stay for Christmas. Her name is Madge Arwell and not much bothers her. He tells her to make a wish if she ever needs his help. That seems to be the end of their encounter, but then he turns around and heads into what turns out to be a regular, mundane police box. "You think we could try again?" he asks.

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