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For a moment, it's almost like we've stumbled back into a time when Fringe was still on, because some big, white, superimposed lettering on a building tells us where we are. In this case, it's Yorkshire in 1893. The skies are sooty and the streets are muddy. "If I've not returned in an hour, you must fetch the police," says a man's voice. We've moved inside one of the buildings now. "Oh, Edmund," a young blond woman sighs to the speaker. They hug and kiss and he assures her that all will be well. "But we must get to the bottom of this dark and queer business no matter what the cost," he says. With that, he disappears behind a door from which a throbbing red light emanates. A moment later, the woman is confronted by a pack of sternly dressed young woman being led by Dame Diana Rigg. "Mrs. Gillyflower!" the blond says. "We have come about your husband," Mrs. Gillyflower says. "Such a tragedy." Mrs. Gillyflower offers her condolences on her late husband, who's meeting his demise somewhere beyond at red, glowing door. He screams in agony. "We're so sorry for your loss," says Mrs. Gillyflower.

When Edmund's brother goes to see him at the mortuary, he finds that the corpse is bright red. Edmund's mouth is still open in a silent scream. "That's not the first one in here looking like that," says the - well, no title is given to him, so let's call him the attendant. "The Crimson Horror, that's what they're callin' it," he says with some delight. Edmund's brother seems as queasy at the man's manners as he is at the sight of the corpse.

He seeks out the help of Madame Vastra and Jenny, having heard of their penchant for investigating strange cases. The brother explains that Edmund and a young woman were working undercover for a news story. He shows Vastra photographs he's taken of his brother's eyes. At first she's dismissive of the idea of an optigram that can show an imprint of the last thing dead Edmund saw. But then, pulling back her veil, she takes a closer look. Seeing Vastra's reptilian appearance for the first time, he faints dead away. Later, Jenny develops the rest of the pictures. "I think, Madame, that we'd better make plans to head north!" Vastra looks at the pictures and sees what Jenny has seen: captured in Edmund's eye, an image of the Doctor. Also, Jenny still calls her wife "Madame"?

In their carriage en route, Vastra exposits that they're headed towards Sweetville. The proprietor is recruiting members. "She's only interested in the fittest, most beautiful," Vastra says. Strax volunteers to go undercover, and is surprised and a bit disgusted that Vastra has chosen Jenny for the job.

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