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Two Doctors are Better Than One
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Before the short break for American viewers, we left the show with half the characters holing up in a Medieval chapel, waiting to be attacked by their gooey "ganger" clones. Things then got even more insanerer when they realized that a clone of the Doctor was in the chapel with them. "Trust me," he said, "I'm the Doctor."

We pick up this episode with the ganger Doctor screaming his head off. He's got a human face now instead of the Marilyn Manson, yogurt-based thing he had the last time we saw him. The original Doctor (well, he's the eleventh, but he's the original for our purposes) rushes over to help his ganger. The poor guy's holding his head and screaming and jerking around in agony. "One day we will get back," he says between convulsions. "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!" "The flesh is struggling to cope with our past regenerations," says the original. The ganger twists and flails and suddenly, in Four's voice, asks, "Would you like a Jelly Baby?" I think Ten's voice shows up in there for a bit, too. In his own voice, he asks "Why?" over and over again. The others stare in horror and confusion. Amy takes a few steps toward them but Jimmy holds her back. Ganger Doctor grabs onto Original Doctor's lapels for dear life, face twisted in agony, eyes tearing up. "Hold on, hold on," Original urges him. Ganger Doctor screams and shoves him away. His gooey face returns as he wails us into the opening credits.

While the Doctor deals with his new clone, Amy and the factory workers guard the door against the gangers. Ganger Jimmy's acid suit doesn't have sleeves, which seems to defeat the purpose of the thing. At first the gangers try breaking down the door, but that doesn't work so they retreat back down the hall to come up with a better plan. Inside the chapel, Amy is getting impatient. "Doctor, we need you! Get over here!" She doesn't even look at his doppelganger at first. The new Doctor has gotten his face under control. "Hello!" he greets Amy with a big smile. She still doesn't pay any attention to him. "I'd like more proof that you're me," Doctor O says to Doctor G. Doctor G sensibly wonders if they really have time for this, but he's outvoted by himself. While they work that out, Amy goes back to the door, which the gangers are now dissolving with acid. The originals stand back, holding small tools like clubs, like they're going to very slightly beat at the gangers while being blasted with acid. Plan of the century!

The next exchange between the Doctors has to be transcribed to even begin to appreciate the total fun they have with each other.

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