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Nightmare in Silver

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The Doctor and Mr. Clever

A soldier named Missy patrols the power station, looking for Cybermen. When she finds out, she freaks out and radios in for permission to hide. Hiding does no good, however, as the Cyberman detaches its hand and sends it skittering after her like a particularly well-trained tarantula.

A nerdy soldier tells Clara that something may have happened to Missy. Does Clara suggest they go look for her? No, she does not. She just takes it as a sign that the Cyberman is on its way. She and the Captain go over their weapons, which aren't many. There's one anti-cyber gun, a handful of hand-dealies that deactivate Cybermen if you get close enough to slap them upside the head, and one planet-imploding bomb that can only be activated by the Captain's voice.

The Doctor and Mr. Clever have begun their match. Mr. Clever notes that the Cyberiad has no record of the Doctor; upon further digging, he discovers that the Doctor has been erasing himself from history. The Doctor shorts out Mr. Clever temporarily by slapping his Golden Ticket over one of his face nodes. Then, instead of freeing himself and the others while Mr. Clever is zonked, he gathers up the chessboard to continue playing elsewhere.

The Captain and Porridge have a private chat. "You knew it was me," he says. She's figured out who he really is, and begs him to tell the Imperium what's going on. Alas, the communicators are out. The only way to report to the Imperium now is to activate the bomb, but Porridge forbids her. "I won't run away like you did," she says, and grabs the bomb as soon as Clara shows up. She gets halfway through the voice code when a Cyberman shoots her from outside the castle.

Clara orders her troops to search out the Cyberman, because that worked so well for Missy. Indeed, the first soldiers who comes across the Cyberman get taken out with so much as a shot fired. Clara blasts it to smithereens with their one anti-cyber gun. She rejoins the rest of the troops to find the Doctor and the Cyberkids just coming up to the castle. He catches her up on all the latest goings-on, from having the Cyberplanner in his head to the kids being in comas. Clara's none too happy about the latter bit, but hey, maybe she shouldn't have let the brats blackmail her!

Once inside, Clara ties up the Doctor as he asks. He removes his gold patch and resumes his chess match with Mr. Clever. Clara is somehow able to tell Mr. Clever's blathering apart from the Doctor's blathering. "You're not the Doctor," she says. "No, but I know who you are," he says. "You're the Impossible Girl. Ooh, he's very interested in you." The Doctor promises to explain later and refocuses on the match. He knows that Mr. Clever has no intention of playing fairly, but they're going to keep playing anyway.

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