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Nightmare in Silver

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The Doctor and Mr. Clever

Porridge gives them access to the Spacy Zoomer ride, which consists of them bouncing around the mockup under reduced gravity. Ennui seems to be having fun, but goes back to her sullen self once it's all over. Clara decides it's time to get everybody home. After all, they're all still alive, so why not quit while they're ahead? The Doctor, however, wants to investigate those creepy silverfish. Now, the sensible thing would be to take the kids home and come back later, but since when is the Doctor sensible? Porridge sets the kids up on couches for a nap while Ennui moans about being bored. The Doctor warns them about the dangers of wandering off, but are they going to listen? Of course not!

Webley goes to set up his Cyberman for its next game of chest, only to be grabbed by his supposedly defunct shell of a machine. Dozens of robotic silverfish stream out of the Cyberman's eyes and up Webley's arms. "Upgrade in progress," drones the Cyberman.

Meanwhile, Ennui has found something new to complain about. "I hate the future! It's stupid! There's not even phone service!" Set sets her phone down in disgust and then wanders off against orders.

Porridge and Clara talk about the Cyber Wars and how his people only managed to defeat the Cybermen by taking out an entire galaxy. "I feel like a monster sometimes," he says. "Instead of mourning a billion trillion dead people, I just feel sorry for the poor blighter who had to press the button to blow it all up." The Doctor interrupts this moment of sadness to point out that Ennui has just wandered off into the soldiers' barracks.

In the barracks, the Captain and one of her soldiers are trying to figure out why a piece of their machinery is suddenly missing all its components. "I'm bored," Ennui announces as she sulks her way into their midst. So they throw her in the brig and we don't have to see or hear from her again for the rest of the episode! Or maybe the Captain just pulls her aside for a chat about Clara and Porridge.

Artie, left alone amid dozens of creepy alien wax figures, can't seem to fall asleep. Just as he calms down, a Cyberman grabs him.

The Captain wants to hear more about Porridge, but Clara and the Doctor interrupt. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" Ennui snits at her. You know, I'm not an advocate of corporal punishment. But if I were, I'd advocate whupping that girl's butt. Before Clara can remind Ennui that she was the one who blackmailed her way into this little trip, a Cyberman storms the barracks. It zips around like it things it's in The Matrix, grabs Ennui and then zips away with her. Yay, Cyberman! The Doctor looks to the Captain for help, but she explains they're really not much for fighting. "We're a punishment platoon," she says. "They sent us out here so we can't get into trouble." The Doctor -- acting as fake Proconsul -- puts Clara in charge while he goes off to rescue Ennui. As he leaves, he tosses out instructions like "don't blow up the planet" and "get to somewhere defensible," and "remind me not to let children blackmail me again." That last one may have only been in my head.

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