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Ghost Hunters Interdimensional
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The wind howls and thunder rumbles as we swoop in on a lovely old manor house. Inside, a young woman approaches Dougray Scott as he fiddles with some rather bulky recording equipment near the entrance hall. "How are we looking?" she asks. "Quite ready, I think," he says. Their shy nervousness instantly communicates an unspoken attraction. He loops a camera around his neck and asks, "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Emma?" He starts to give her an out and she cuts him off: "But she's so lonely." He dons a pair of headphones and leans into a microphone. "Caliburn House. November 25, 1974. 11:04 PM." He nods to Emma, who proceeds into a darkened doorway. "I'm speaking to the spirit that inhabits this house," she calls into the shadows. Something bangs somewhere in the house. The recording equipment perks up. "Let me show you the way home," Emma says. A white specter, its right arm raised, rushes from the shadows and through Emma. "She's so... dead!" Emma cries. An ominous knocking comes at the door. There's much suspense as Emma and her colleague open it, but of course it's just the Doctor and Clara.

"I'm the Doctor," he says, flashing his psychic paper, "and this is Clara." Without waiting for an invite, the Doctor dashes inside and has nerdgasms all over the 1970s tech. He also info-dumps for us. "You," he says, pointing to Mr. Scott, "are Major Alec Palmer, member of the Baker Street Irregulars, the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, specializing in espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance behind enemy lines!" We'll just call him Alec. The Doctor continues his fanboyish gushing for a while, eventually revealing that Alec is also a ghost hunter of some renown. "You're wrong," Emma says. "Professor Palmer spent most of the war as a POW." Judging by his age, I would have guessed he spent most of the war as a schoolboy, but whatever. The Doctor corrects Emma, as if any of these are his secrets to tell. "But you know all that," he says to her, "because you're Emma Grayling!" He takes the long way round to revealing that she's Alec's assistant and a psychic. I have to give props to Matt Smith for flawlessly delivering these long, rambling, high-speed streams of consciousness, even if they are a pain to recap. Emma looks a bit panicked. Alec tells her to relax, explaining that the Doctor is from Military Intelligence, meaning, I suppose, that there's no use in trying to continue the charade in front of him.

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