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Hold The Line With Me

Back at Canary Wharf, ours, the Doctor rushes to the phone and dials Jackie's number, guarded by Jake and Pete and their men.

"Help me! Oh, my God, help me," Jackie gasps at the Doctor, running down the stairs. She screams into the phone as he's congratulating her on still being alive: "They tried to download me but I ran away!" The Doctor begs Jackie to calm down -- this is such a cool scene -- and tell him where she is. These are the landmarks she gives: "Staircase! There's a fire extinguisher!" She finally notices a sign on the wall and the Doctor figures out where she is: "Just keep low, we're trying our best." He doesn't want to hang up, he knows she's scared and he doesn't want to break the connection, but it's an office phone -- it's tied to the wall. "No, don't leave me!" Jackie calls, pitifully, and the Doctor apologizes, hanging up.

The Doctor puts the phone down and turns to Pete: "Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler." Still not Pete's wife. "I was at the wedding! You got her name wrong," he says archly, and then grabs Jake's gun: "Now then, Jakey-boy, if I can open up the bonding chamber on this thing, we can pop in polycarbide: skin of a Dalek." Like diamond cutting diamond.

A tiny white flag of office paper, attached to a stick or something, waves comically at the Cybermen, from around a corner. The Doctor emerges: "Sorry. No white flag. I only had a sheet of A4. Same difference." The Cybermen stare, and then ready guns: "Do you surrender?" He does, walking forward casually, until they are nose-to-nose. "I surrender, unto you...a very good idea!" He grins. I do love his little plans.

The Daleks back away from the Genesis Ark: "Final stage of awakening." Sek orders them to touch the Ark, and Rose tells them to go to Hell. "Obey, or the male will die," says Sek, and Rose immediately steps toward it, against Mickey's pleas. "Place your hand upon the casket," shrieks Sek, and Rose gives him serious attitude: "All right!" She turns to the Ark. "You're gonna kill us anyway, so what the hell?" She stalls, and comes back to stare at the Dalek. "If you, um...escaped the Time War...don't you want to know what happened?" Sek's like, "Place your hand..." Rose ignores him: "What happened to the Emperor?" Sek totally scoffs: "The Emperor survived." Rose stands strong. She is beautiful: "'Til he met me. 'Cause if these are gonna be my last words, then you're gonna listen: I met the Emperor. And I took the Time Vortex, and I pulled it into his head, and turned him into dust. Do you get that? The God of all Daleks...and I destroyed him." She laughs, gloating. Girl, do not go out this way. "You will be exterminated!" shrieks Sek...

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