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Jake orders his group to defend the lab, setting up comms and such. The Doctor puts on his 3-D glasses and stares at them. "Kill one Cyber Leader and they just download into another," says Jake. Everybody scampers, leaving the Doctor and Jake alone. The Doctor's flabbergasted, protesting that you can't just hop from one world to another like this. "We just did," says Jake, "with these." He tosses the Doctor a large yellow plastic button on a chain. "But that's impossible," says the Doctor. "You can't have this sort of technology." Jake explains that the Age of Steel has its own version of Torchwood (can you imagine?) and that the Steel Torchwood developed it. For good reason, as we shall see. "Do you wanna come and see?" asks Jake, proud of himself, and happy to see the Doctor again. The Doctor shouts a protest, but it's too late: Jake presses the button. They cross Hell to the other side, where Canary Wharf is a little worse for wear. All the shininess of our Torchwood gone down in war. There's equipment and stuff in piles. "Parallel Earth, parallel Torchwood. Except we found out what the Institute was doing, and the People's Republic took control." The Doctor urgently demands to go back: "Rose is in danger. And her mother." And who should appear but Peter Alan Tyler, the most wonderful man in both worlds, with a retinue of soldiers: "That'd be Jackie. My wife in a parallel universe. And as for you, Doctor, at least this time I know who you are." Pete's up to speed. The Doctor's proud but has no time for this: "Right, yes, fine, hooray. But I've gotta get back. Right now." Pete is calm, and strong. This is what dads do, in fairy tales: give you the rules. It's another kind of grace, the other side. The punishment and the limitation. This is Peter's world; this is what happens when the fathers come back to Sunnydale. "No, you're not in charge here. This is our world, not yours. And you're gonna listen for once." The Doctor falls silent, with a dark look.

The Daleks crowd around the Genesis Ark as Mickey shows Rose his yellow button: "I could transport out of here, but it only carries one and I'm not leaving you." She looks at him: "You'd follow me anywhere. What did I do to you all those years ago?" He admits the possibility that he's just stupid, but she squeezes his hand: "You're the bravest man I've ever met." Of course, he asks if that includes the Doctor, and of course, she won't lie: "Oh, all right. Bravest human." They smile, finally able just to love each other. "Well, I can't think what the Daleks need with me," says Mickey. "I'm nothing to them." Rose isn't so sure: "Whatever's inside that Ark is waking up, and I've seen this happen before." She flashes back to the first Dalek she ever met: when, full of warmth and pity, she put her hands upon him -- I mean to say that she touched him -- and brought him back to life: "It was broken. It was dying." But she touched him, and brought him back to life: "The Doctor said when you travel in time in the TARDIS, you soak up all, background radiation. It's harmless, it's just there. But in the Time War, the Daleks evolved so they could use it as a power supply." Mickey gazes at her, goofy: "I love it when you talk technical." She tells him to shut up and continues: "If the Daleks have got something inside that thing that needs waking up..." He needs Rose. She points out that she and Mickey have both been Companions; they've both traveled. "But why would they build something they can't open themselves?" Sek answers, helpfully: "The technology is stolen. The Ark is not of Dalek design." Then who? "The Time Lords. This is all that survives of their homeworld." Nobody has said "Gallifrey." It's too big. Nobody's going to. The Daleks shuffle around the Ark. "What's inside?" The future, Sek tells her. Rose stares.

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