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"Cyber threat irrelevant. Concentrate on the Genesis Ark." Sek presses its suction arm against the Genesis Ark. Black Daleks like this have always been called Dalek Supreme. Keep an eye on Sek. Mickey asks why they're being kept alive, and in the grand tradition of all Mary Sues -- or at least those that stand accused -- she assumes (correctly) that they will need her for something. She knows what it is, and stares at them in fear, ignoring Mickey's further questions.

Yvonne and Jackie are brought to the plastic curtains, about to be dragged beyond the veil, for upgrading. Everywhere is the screaming, drilling, sparking sound of progress. "What happens in there? What's 'upgrading' mean? What do they do?" Yvonne gulps, positing that they take out your brain and put it "in a suit of armor." That's what happens when you dance with ghosts: you get hard. "That's what these things are. They're us." They stare. A Cyberman calls, "Next," heh, and Yvonne is dragged away. "This is your fault!" screams Jackie. "You and your Torchwood. You've killed us all!" Yvonne, tears streaming, screaming backward: "I did my duty for Queen and Country." She wrenches her arm away from the Cyberman and walks in by herself, muttering her creed: "I did my duty. I did my duty. Oh, God. I did my duty." She did. Torchwood is just people. Jackie winces as Yvonne begins to scream.

The Doctor sits on the window sill, in silence. "You are proof," says an approaching Cyberman, "that emotions destroy you." Also true, but you're asking the wrong questions. The Doctor nods sadly: "Mind you, I quite like hope. Hope's a good emotion." He looks back down, into the lab: "And here it comes." The Cyberman turns to see a squad in black, wearing helmets, carrying guns, appearing from nowhere. Destruction from the other side of Hell. One of them shouts to the others, and they shoot down a row of Cybermen, destroying them. The Doctor rolls and crouches in a corner of the office as the last Cyberman goes down. The man with the gun addresses the Doctor: "Doctor, good to see you again." He takes off his helmet, and it's Jake Simmonds from the Age of Steel: Rickey's lover, Mickey's partner. Jake is proud, but the Doctor's concerned. The walls between the worlds, getting weaker all the time. The Void pressing in.

A Cyberman drags Jackie along, but lets go of her briefly as he informs his fellows that "Cyber Leader One has been terminated." While they download the pertinent files to each other, Jackie sneaks away. Her Cyberman proclaims that he'll be upgraded to Cyber Leader as she escapes down the stairs.

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