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Dalek Sek asks the question again -- the one Rose has been trying to answer since Christmas: "Which of you is least important?" He has to ask twice before Rose's mouth becomes a thin, angry line: "We don't work like that. None of us." Sek demands again, and Rajesh steps forward: "This is my responsibility." Rose tries to hold him back, but he ignores her: "I represent the Torchwood Institute. Anything you need, you come through me. Leave these two alone." Sek demands that Rajesh kneel. The only thing worse than the God of Daleks is the crazy cult he leaves behind. "The Daleks need information about current Earth history." Rajesh offers "a certain amount of intelligence, but nothing that will compromise homeland security." Heh. Sek explains that speech isn't necessary, and the cult members surround Rajesh with their suction arms. He begins to fear, begs to tell them anything, and his skull is crushed. Mickey jumps forward, but Rose holds him back.

The Cybermen detect "unknown technology" in the sphere chamber, and two of them are sent (designated by unit number) to investigate. "We obey," they say.

"His mind spoke of a second species invading Earth infected by the superstition of ghosts," say the Dalek. Rose protests that they didn't need to kill him; they answer that they didn't need him alive, either. Sek sends a Dalek (designated by name: Thay) to investigate outside. "I obey," says Thay.

The two Cybermen meet Thay in the corridor outside the sphere chamber. The image comes up on Yvonne's laptop, and the Doctor goes white. Thay commands them to identify themselves; they demand that he identify himself. This goes on for a while. "It's like Stephen Hawking meets the Speaking Clock," says Mickey. "Illogical. You will modify," the Cybermen tell Thay, who informs them that Daleks don't take orders. Which the Cybermen smugly illustrate as self-identification: he is Dalek. And inside the chamber, Sek recognizes their vague shape: "The inferior species known as Cybermen."

Jackie's now scared to death: "Rose said about the Daleks. She was terrified of them. What have they done to her, Doctor? Is she dead?" Probably. The Doctor turns on Jackie with a scary amount of quickness, demanding her phone. She passes it to him carefully, so that the Cybermen don't notice. The Doctor dials Rose's number and shivers as he holds it to his ear. Rose answers, but doesn't say anything; the Dalek and Cybermen continue to bitch at each other hilariously. "She's answered, she's alive," reports the Doctor. Jackie claps her hands over her mouth; he wonders why they haven't killed her yet. She tells him not to complain about it, but the Doctor's on to the next question: "They must need her for something."

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