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Doomsday (2)

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Hold The Line With Me

But somewhere in the sky, there's a star they followed, and almost everywhere you look, there's somebody they touched, and behind every door, there's a face you haven't met yet; and what we learn from them is that there's nothing so terrible as not taking the chance. Not allowing grace to catch you; not having the grace to accept getting knocked down again, and returning to build. Letting fear build walls the width of Hell. If Hell is the space between worlds, where nothing is -- if the Void ship is the opposite of a TARDIS -- then you already know where Heaven is. Where it always was, where you already are. Look, Americans dream of wolves at the door. The British dream of solitude, and facelessness. You and I dream, when we dream nightmares, of being somehow less than worthy of that grace, that strength, that love. We dream of cages, where nothing is permitted. These dreams are lies.


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