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Pete appears in the nick of time, between Rose and the edge of the breach, just long enough to wrap his arms around her, and activate his button once again. Don't ask why or how. It's a fairy tale. Rose looks over her shoulder at the Doctor before she vanishes. Silence falls. The devil is gone. He's all alone. The Doctor stares at the place where they disappeared, breathing very heavily. The breach closes itself. The wind dies down, leaving the place silent. Everything is normal. The wall is just a wall. The light is from the sun. The sound of the world continues all over it, things get back to normal. The Doctor continues to look.

In Steel Torchwood, Rose hammers on the wall, hysterical, screaming once more: "Take me back! Take me back!" She breaks down into hollow grief, slamming her fists against it, begging. Rageful. Pete quietly stares at his button: "It's stopped working. He did it. He closed the breach." Rose sobs, with her hands against the wall. As if she's listening for something.

The Doctor walks slowly to the wall on his side, and lays one hand against it, flat. He rests his head along it. Empty. Listening. The sun and the moon, the day and night: but why do they hurt? Because one follows the other and that's not a dance that ever stops.

Rose suddenly presses her cheek against the wall as though listening for the Doctor, her palm aligned with his. But they aren't touching. She continues to sob. Plant your feet in the dirt of a foreign world, get a mortgage. Remember the world again, and remember him: Nine's ears, Ten's mouth. The suits and the smile and Barcelona. That's what you do. "Same size as the Earth," he said. "Same air, same orbit. Lovely!" The fantasy of the exile. Prospero destroys his books, but nobody ever said he didn't write new ones afterward. You jump, because it's your only option. Jump. Don't ask the question, who's going to hold his hand now?

The Doctor lets his hand slide down the wall, weak; on her side, Rose does the same. She feels him going. The Doctor turns from the wall, expressionless. He walks away. Life is very long when you're lonely. "I have to live on," he said. "Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords." He burns all the time. There's no standard for comparison. He stands in the white room a nearly unchartable labyrinth of corridors, and mirrors, and fireplaces, and doors. One of which has closed forever. You plant your feet in the impossible dirt and you remember her. The mascara and the pink, the laugh, the way she'd push her hair back when it was time to work harder. Remember chips, and a Little Red Hoodie. That's what you do when you're forever.

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