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Hold The Line With Me

The Doctor gets the levers operational, tapping on a computer, and his smile is relief for Rose: "That's more like it, bit of a smile! The old team!" He gives in, grabbing Magnaclamps and coming to her. "Hope and Glory, Mutt and Jeff, Shiver and Shake!" Which one's Shiver? The Doctor claims Shake. He and Rose get into position, with their Magnaclamps attached to the walls, near the levers, one on either side. On the left is the Doctor. On the right is Rose. Now, who will stand on either hand, and keep the bridge with me?

Sek, from the air, notes the activation of the breach: "It is the Doctor! Exterminate him!" Four Daleks swoop toward Torchwood Tower, screaming death.

"When it starts, just hold on tight. Shouldn't be too bad for us, but the Daleks and the Cybermen are steeped in Void Stuff. Are you ready?" They get into position; Rose notices the Daleks appearing at the window. "Let's do it!" shouts the Doctor, and they push the levers up. Up, up, up. The white light begins to build, and this time brings with it a strong wind. ("Make it brighter," begged the wolf. "Let me go.") The Daleks at the window are pulled through, smashing the glass, and fly into the Void. Rose and the Doctor hang onto to their clamps tightly, grunting and striving. "The breach is open! Into the Void!" laughs the Doctor, wildly. Cybermen across the world are lifted; millions of Daleks come rush at the breach, shrieking, powerless, terrified. The Void takes them all. We don't see this, but the Cybermen are pulled through smaller faultlines. They aren't left behind. The TARDIS doesn't move, because the TARDIS is more powerful than Hell. Up in the sky, Dalek Sek Supreme calls out, "Emergency temporal shift!" He vanishes, off the board entirely, to revolve around the Doctor's life and reappear somewhere else. Next season, I assume. The Genesis Ark disappears into Torchwood; people start to come out and watch. Rose and the Doctor smile sweetly at each other, pulled parallel to the floor as they are; the Void is suddenly down, but they're holding the line. They're safe again. Grace intervenes.

Sparks rain out suddenly, and Rose's lever begins to slip. The computer goes offline, wiping the grins from Rose's and the Doctor's faces. The power of the Void is diminishing, and the job isn't done. Rose reaches for the lever, but can't. She lets go of her anchor -- that's the Doctor -- and falls onto the lever, as the Doctor watches, frantic. Full of dread. Rose pushes the lever back upright as the Doctor watches; now she's got nothing but the lever to keep from being pulled in. The enemy's gate is down. As she begins to slip, the helpless Doctor stares, horrified and powerless, reaching out in vain. Rose screams her last cry and her grasp finally slips. He calls her name. The Void pulls her in.

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