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Hold The Line With Me

Everyone appears in the other Torchwood, and Rose thinks of Emergency Protocol One. Of what love can make you do. "Oh, no you don't. He's not doing that to me again." She presses the button and reappears before the Doctor.

Pete snatches Jackie's button from her before she can even think of using it. She screams, but Pete's forceful. Hard truth: "The Doctor said every time we use one of these, it damages the whole world. Now that's it." Jackie shouts that Rose is his daughter, but this is Peter's World: "She's your daughter, not mine." He walks away, grabbing Mickey's button as well. And Jackie keeps trying, desperately, telling Mickey to explain it better. To make Pete see Rose the way they do. Mickey doesn't respond: he's been in Peter's World long enough to know about hard truth.

The Doctor shakes Rose by the shoulders, staring terrified into her eyes: "Once the breach collapses, that's it. You will never be able to see her again. Your own mother!" Rose is calm, and strong. Her voice trembles, but her back is straight. The first thing Rose ever said was "Goodbye." "I made my choice a long time ago, and I'm never gonna leave you," says Rose. The Doctor stares, but it's too real, too naked. He lets go. "...So what can I do to help?" asks Rose, stubbornly holding his gaze. The system reboots. He gives in, points to a computer: "Those coordinates over there, set them all at 6." Of course. This is Hell. He sounds angry: "And hurry up." Rose leans over the computer, glancing at him nervously. Is this how we fuck it up? Is this unforgivable?

Jackie pushes Pete away, shouting, "Get away from me!" before she breaks into tears, hands covering her face.

Rose detects Cybermen, just one floor down. Coming up.

"We will retreat through the breach," says a Cyberman. "Regain the homeworld." At the top of the stairs, between Rose and the Doctor and the white room, stands a Cyberman with a familiar voice, gun trained down at them. "You will not pass." The Cybermen are flummoxed: "What is the meaning of this?" It is Yvonne. She kills them with bright white light. "You will not pass. I did my duty for Queen and country. I did my duty for Queen and country. I did my duty for Queen and country." She sheds a single black tear. And that relieved feeling you're having? That sense of redemption? You can drop that shit right now. Torchwood is made of people. Yvonne is a person. She did her best. She did her duty, now and every second before now. She didn't need to be redeemed, she just needed to be Yvonne. She already was.

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