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Out into the white room, the Doctor is dashing with Rose on his heels: "The Daleks lived inside the Void, they're bristling with it! Cybermen, all of them! I just open the Void, end of verse. The Void stuff gets sucked back inside." Rose follows enthusiastically: "Pulling them all in." Mickey asks for the information, and the Doctor complies: "The dead space. Some people call it Hell." Mickey loops his button round his neck: "So you're sending the Daleks and Cybermen to Hell." He turns to Jake: "Man, I told you he was good." Rose, still wearing the glasses, points out that they've all got Void radiation on them. She moves her hands around, before her eyes, watches the particles. She pulls the glasses off, and the Doctor stands before her: "We're all contaminated. We'll get pulled in." He pretends this isn't happening: "That's why you've gotta go." Two minutes to reboot. Two minutes to death. Rose stares at the Doctor, uncomprehending. "Back to Pete's world," says the Doctor, still excited. "Hey, we should call it that! 'Pete's World'!" He turns back to Rose: "I'm opening the Void, but only on this side. You'll be safe on that side." Rose keeps staring. "And then you'll close it?" Pete asks. "For good?" Yes. The breach itself is "soaked" in Void stuff: "In the end, it'll close itself. And that's it. Kaput." Rose puts this together: "But you stay on this side?" Mickey joins her: "But you'll get pulled in." The Doctor holds Rose's gaze a moment, and then runs to the Magnaclamps. Rose looks like she's been smacked. "That's why I got these," says the Doctor of the Magnaclamps. "I'll just have to hold on tight. I've been doing it all my life." Today's the day you stop. Today's the day you jump, and let her jump. He's only been alive for a year.

"I'm supposed to go," says Rose. Yeah. "To another world. And then it gets sealed off." The Doctor ducks away. "Forever." Rose laughs at the absurdity: "That's not gonna happen." The building begins to shake and crash. "We haven't got time to argue," says Pete. "The plan works, we go in. You too. All of us." Rose gets pissed: "I'm not leaving it." Jackie refuses to leave without her daughter. Pete gets exasperated: "Oh my God. We're going." Jackie shakes her head: "I've had twenty years without you, so button it. I'm not leaving her." Rose tells Jackie she's got to, and Jackie tells her that's tough. One minute to reboot. Rose: "I've had a life with you for nineteen years. But then I met the Doctor and...all the things I've seen him do for me. For you. For all of us. For the whole...stupid planet, and every planet out there. He does it alone, Mum." She begs her mother with tears in her throat to understand. Behind her is the Doctor. With a yellow button on a chain. "But not anymore," Rose swears. "'Cause now he's got me." She backs away from Jackie, from Mickey and Peter and Jake. Toward the Doctor. The Doctor loops the chain around Rose's neck and Pete presses the button, and they all disappear. The Doctor stands alone, staring at the place Rose just was.

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