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The Daleks burst onto the factory floor, meeting row on row of Cybermen, each side screaming their song of war, the destruction of humanity and divinity combined, rays bouncing off armor and bullets filling the air. The soldiers join in, swept up in the choreography of hell. And through the Cybermen, the Dalek come, shepherding their Ark toward the sky. The new Cyber Leader calls all units to Canary Wharf, and they take to the streets. "Repeat: all Cybermen to Torchwood." The frightened families of London stand outside their houses in silence, watching the Cybermen march away.

The Doctor watches the battle, waiting for his moment and diving into the room. Rose winces visibly every time the beams and lasers come close. The Doctor ganks two of Torchwood's Magnaclamps, using them as shields, and returns, tripping slightly over a Cyberman's body. Rose whispers to herself, urging him on. He escapes, and puts on his 3-D glasses, staring around. Sek orders the roof open, and the Dalek all "Elevate." The Doctor thinks and thinks, even rips his specs off again, but can't put it together: "Time Lord science..." Sek rises through the air over London with the Ark, and the Doctor grabs the gang to follow. Jackie jokes that the top of the building is forty-five floors up -- "Believe me, I've done 'em all" -- and Jake appears out of nowhere: "We could always take the lift." With that maniacal grin Companions get. They clamber in, and as the Ark rises up the side of Torchwood Tower, our heroes rise in tandem.

"The Genesis Ark will open," says Sek, and it does. A Dalek is revealed within. The Ark begins to spin.

Everybody gets off on the floor containing Yvonne's office, and the white room, the Doctor tossing his Magnaclamps down on Yvonne's desk as he goes. As the Genesis Ark spins, Daleks begin to shoot out of it at ridiculous speed, more and more of them. The Doctor stares in horror: "Time Lord's bigger on the inside." It's a prison ship. Just like the Cybermen, locked up in the Age of Steel. Two cages from the other side of Hell; bringing vengeance. How many Daleks? "Millions." They begin to spread out, across London. Down below, the Cybermen march. They stop as one, and fire their weapons up into the air at the Daleks, to no effect. Sek orders, "Exterminate all life forms below. Exterminate!" The Daleks fire on the Cybermen, and on the terrified people of London. This is what Daleks do best.

Pete walks away from the window shaking his head, bringing back the rules of Peter's World: "I'm sorry, but you've had it. This world's gonna crash and burn. There's nothing we can do. We're going home. Jacks, take this." He tosses her one of the yellow buttons, and she protests that they're destroying the city. He smiles affectionately: "I'd forgotten you could argue." He loops the chain around her neck himself: "It's not just London, it's the whole world." He takes her face in his hands: "But there's another world, just waiting for you, Jacks. And it's safe. As long as the Doctor closes the breach. Doctor?" The Doctor arrives, grinning madly, wearing his 3-D glasses again: "Oh, I'm ready. I've got the equipment right here. Thank you, Torchwood!" If it's alien? "Slam it down and close off both Universes." The computer reboots. "But we can't just leave. What about the Daleks? And the Cybermen?" That's Rose. The Doctor doesn't have an answer: "They're part of the problem. And that makes them part of the solution. Isn't anyone gonna ask, what is it with the glasses?" Rose grins hugely and asks: "What is it with the glasses?" He can see, that's what: "We've got two separate worlds, but in-between the two separate worlds, we've got the Void. That's where the Daleks were hiding. And the Cybermen traveled through the Void to get here! And you lot, one world to another, via the Void! Oh, I like that. Via the Void! Look!" The Doctor puts the glasses on Rose's face and presents himself: "I've been through it. Do you see?" The Doctor dances before her, shimmering in green and red. She reaches out to touch them, but she can't. "Void stuff!" The Doctor points her to the others. Jackie's the only one who hasn't been through the Void: "Your mother. First time she's looked normal in her life." Rose giggles; the Doctor earns himself a sharp "Oi!"

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