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"You were my life. You know what the most difficult thing was? Coping with what happens next, and with what doesn't happen next. You took me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, you showed me supernovas, intergalactic battles...and then you just dropped me back on Earth. How could anything compare to that?" That was Sarah Jane. The Doctor didn't have an answer for her. "All those things you saw -- do you want me to apologize for that?" Of course not. And he knew that. "No, but we get a taste of that splendor, and then we have to go back."

Rose stands on a beach. They ran. So far, and so fast, in fact, that they met themselves coming, and faced the Doctor's oldest enemies, and his final victims, and Rose found herself in league with time. It sounded like singing. But everything ends. Don't you think she looks tired? Tired of yearning, tired of chasing. Ready to live. They hit pause on so many things, because this is the part of the story they liked best. But the presence of God is defined in the moments of his leaving. Ein soph: the generosity of grace, to remove itself when the time comes. The cruel etiquette of Paradise, of Arcadia, to push you out of the nest when you're ready to fly. You'll be reading this at the New Year. I wish today were just like any other day.

The Dalek advance, upon Rose, upon Mickey and Rajesh Singh, singing extermination. Rose addresses them with the authority of the Bad Wolf: "Daleks!" They go quiet. These devils, these acolytes of a cult of destruction, fall silent at her speech. "You're called Daleks. I know your name." Rose takes off her lab coat as they stare without eyes. She presses closer. "Think about it. How can I know that? A human who knows about the Daleks. And the Time War. If you wanna know how, then keep us alive. That's all I'm asking. Me and my friends." Mickey takes pains to inform the Daleks that he too knows about them, and about the Time War. Rajesh does as well. "You will be necessary," one of them says. His name is Sek. He's in charge. The Daleks obey. He asks another about the status of the Genesis Ark: it is hibernating. Sek commands that it should be awakened; they all agree that it must be protected above all else. The Genesis Ark emerges from the sphere; one of the Daleks attaches itself to the Ark. Mickey Smith, gun still at the ready, wonders that they're still alive; Rose is on to the next question: "Never mind that. What the hell's a Genesis Ark?"

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