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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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Tyrannosaurs And Raptor Dinosaurs In Space
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Things start off in ancient Egypt as the Doctor is scampering to get away from Queen Nefertiti. She's trying to put the moves on him and he's not into it. He doesn't protest that he's a married man. He just offers up his standard "Eek, girl cooties!" reaction and tries to back into the TARDIS while she paws at him. Luckily, his virtue is saved when he gets an alert about some "temporal news." I guess Nefertiti forces her way onto the TARDIS because even though he was just trying to get away from her, he ends up taking her to...

...Earth in the year 2367 AD. There's a spaceship the size of Canada headed for the planet. It looks like a buckyball covered in dog toys. We're only 45 seconds into the episode, by the way, and I've only conveyed a tiny part of what's been said or what's happened in that time. That's how busy this episode is. Anyway, the Doctor gets the deets inside the control room of the Indian Space Agency. Everyone's buzzing about in military style uniforms and looking worried. The Doctor looks over a scan of the ship and blathers on at breakneck speed about how the Ponds would like this and who knows what else. A woman named Indira tells the Doctor that they haven't been able to communicate with the ship. "If it comes within 10,000 kilometers of Earth, we send up missiles," she says. The Doctor sighs. "Oh, Indira. I liked you before you said missiles." Yes, heaven forbid anyone else should decide who gets to live or die. They have just over six hours before the ship reaches Earth. "Come on, Nefi, we're gonna need help!" says the Doctor, grabbing the Egyptian queen.

He stops by the African plains in 1902 so he can pick up Rupert Graves. If I had a time machine, I might do the same. His name is Riddell and they talk like they've had a few adventures together in the past. The Doctor invites him to come with him again. "What is it?" Riddell asks. "I have no idea," the Doctor says. "Do you want to find out?" Riddell grins.

For his next stop, he materializes the TARDIS in the middle of Amy and Rory's house. Rory's dad Brian is in the middle of fixing a light socket in the living room when the TARDIS scoops them all up and dematerializes again. The Doctor is so busy blathering and buzzing around the controls that he doesn't notice right off that there's a plus-one aboard. Brian stands there, staring at everything in shock. He drops the light bulb he'd been holding. Most people probably remember the actor from the Harry Potter franchise, but I'll always think of him as Petersen from Red Dwarf. My nerdy British sci-fi worlds collide!

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