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Pregnant Pauses
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Dead Doctor, President Nixon, ladies getting blowed up, knocked-up Amy taking photos and shooting little girls. All caught up. Can't wait to get back to those cliffha... Ah.


Amy is being chased through the Utah desert by Canton and a team of spooks, who produce their own bodybag once they've got her cornered. Apparently once she shot the Astronaut, Canton woke up and spotted one of the Silence, but he's now forgotten. Or something. He shoots Amy and she dies. On her arm are a bunch of hash marks.

In Area 51, they've got the Doctor trussed up in a straitjacket in the middle of some kind of magic circle thing, and they're slowly building an unbeatable prison around him, just like last year. Canton shows the Doctor a picture of the hash marks on Amy's dead arm, and nobody points out that he's got a fake beard that looks ridiculous.

Around that same time, Canton chases River Song -- also rocking has marks and having her own run-in with more Silence while being dressed like a million dollars -- out of a fiftieth-floor window in New York. To his joking condescension about how America is supposedly being invaded by superinvisible alien creatures, she shouts -- for the first time of many times in this episode -- "You were invaded a long time ago, America is occupied!"

If you wonder what that's like, River jumping sassily out of the window to get away from her pursuers, just imagine the last time she jumped sassily out of a window to get away from her pursuers: It's like that.

Canton comes to tell the Doctor that he's now killed two of the team, and the Doctor starts talking about two things at once: Number one is River, who is now dead, and number two is the unbreakable prison in which he now finds himself. (If you wonder what that's like, seeing the Doctor in an unbreakable prison being constructed around him, just imagine the last time this happened, three episodes ago: It's like that.) Number three, of course, is the usual "I'm so awesome" speechifying which somebody out there must enjoy, but I've never been able to figure out who, or for why: "You're building me the perfect prison. And it still won't be enough."

Canton shoots Rory, whose face is covered in the hash marks, at the well-known-to-all-Americans monument, Glen Canyon Dam, in AZ. They drag both Pond bodybags into the perfect jail cell, and Canton closes the door with himself inside... Ah! Turns out this whole thing was a ruse, for some reason, to lock all four of them together inside the perfect jail cell. Amy and Rory climb out of their bodybags, and the straitjacket was a fake, and the Doctor somehow opens the wall of the jailcell onto the TARDIS -- none of this is ever discussed or explained -- and then open the TARDIS sideways underneath River swandiving out of the building, so there's another splash from the TARDIS swimming pool. Which is pretty cute, honestly.

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