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The Hunt For Red Doctober

All this has stalled him long enough for an Ice Warrior ship to arrive and lock onto the sub with some sort of tractor beam. They are hoisted up to the surface, through 700 meters of water and ice. The Martians beam Skaldak off the sub. For a moment, everyone is relieved, but the Doctor notices that the missiles are still armed. While they wait to learn whether or not Skaldak will show mercy, Clara begins to sing "Hungry Like the Wolf." Luckily, they get the good news before everyone can join in.

The Captain, Doctor, Professor and Clara pop up to have a look around. It's snowing and windy and everyone's soaking wet from the constant dripping inside the ship, but they all act like it's a balmy day in paradise. They watch the Martian ship take off for a while and Clara wonders what happened to the TARDIS. With some embarrassment, the Doctor admits he's been tinkering. "I reset the HADS... Hostile Action Displacement System!" At the first sign of danger, the TARDIS flits off for safety. Right on cue, he gets a signal from the wayward blue box. "It's at the Pole," he announces. "Not far, then," Clara says. "The South Pole," the Doctor clarifies. He turns to the Captain and asks, "Can we have a lift?" Everyone laughs and laughs and the music is triumphant even though the sub is filled with dead bodies and there's pretty much no way the Captain is going to be able to explain this to Moscow without ending his career and/or life. Hahaha!

Tippi Blevins is a freelance time traveler. She dropped by 2013 to write this weecap. Email her at, or find her @TippiB.

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