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Asylum of the Daleks

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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show
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On the Dalek home world of Skaro, a woman in a hooded cloak wears fabulously impractical high-heeled boots and narrates a letter to someone named Hannah. She looks out over the ruined planet and talks about the Daleks and the man who fought them. This man is supposedly dead, but she's heard rumors to the contrary. As she winds up the letter, this man walks up behind her in his skinny, too-short pants. "I got your message," says the Doctor. She turns to look at him. With her hair color and profile, she looks like she could be Amy and Rory's offspring. She says her daughter Hannah is in a Dalek prison camp. They need his help. The Doctor is suspicious, and even more so when the woman claims she escaped the camp herself. "Nobody escapes the Dalek camps," he says with a menacing chuckle. He holds her hand and notes that she's very cold. "It's a trap," he says, "and you don't even know it." She looks scared, and then there's a clicky sound and a Dalek eyestalk pushes out of her forehead. A Dalek gun emerges from her palm. She zaps him and he goes down. "The Doctor is acquired!" shrieks a Dalek voice as one of their ships descends.

Amy Pond is in the middle of being a model when an assistant interrupts her photo shoot. "Your husband is here," he says. "I don't have a husband," she says back. Except, yes, she still does, because she hasn't signed the divorce papers yet. Say what? She finds Rory and the papers in her dressing room. She signs "Amy Williams," so at some point she must have officially taken his name. They snark at each other a bit and then he storms off. Amy's makeup lady comes in to touch her up. There's a crunching sound and then an eyestalk appears in the makeup lady's forehead. "Amelia Pond is acquired!" At the same time, Rory is boarding a bus. The driver looks at him, pops out an eyestalk and just like that, Rory, too, is acquired.

Amy and Rory wake up on a ship in the middle of many other Dalek ships. "So... how much trouble are we in?" Rory asks. The Doctor enters the room with a Dalek escort. "How much trouble are we in, Mr. Pond? Out of ten?" he asks. "Eleven," he answers himself. Because he's 11, get it? Har har! The walls around them suddenly withdraw and they find themselves standing in the center of a sort of arena, surrounded on all sides by Daleks of every flavor. This, the Doctor tells us, is the Parliament of the Daleks. Daleks are political? I can't decide if that's terrifying or dull. "What do we do?" Amy asks. "Make them remember you," the Doctor says. This doesn't seem to have any significance in the rest of the episode, but it sounds cool. The Doctor turns to face his captors. He closes his eyes, opens his arms and waits for oblivion. Instead of shooting him in the hearts, a creaky Dalek voice pleads with him. "Save... us. You... will save us?" All the Daleks repeat the request/demand. "Well!" the Doctor chirps. "This is new!" Opening credits. No voice-over from Amy. Yay.

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