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Et In Arcadia Ego

The Torchwood light shines brighter and brighter; Adeola's expressionless.

Jackie and Rose stare. The Doctor puts on a pair of 3-D glasses, red and blue, to watch the ghost. A quick adjustment on his equipment makes a green light blip.

Torchwood's alarms go off, startling Yvonne. She heads to Matt's computer, looking over his shoulder: "What've we got?" Something's interfering with the ghost field. Something close, something within the city.

The Doctor continues to adjust as the ghost shudders and groans: "Don't like that much, do you?" To himself, he whispers, "Who are you? Where are you coming from?" The ghost sends the Doctor a shock and he stumbles backwards, suddenly: "That's more like it! Not so friendly now, are you?" Wishes contain plutonium.

Yvonne urges the scientists to close it all down, to bring down the veil, and they comply, pulling levers; the computer goes offline; the ghost continues to shudder and jerk within the Doctor's diagram; the scientists get the levers into place, and the ghost shift ends; the Doctor's ghost disappears; the Doctor jumps forward to grab his shit.

Yvonne turns to Matt, who's got it sorted: "It was a very specific excitation of the ghost field, and that makes it easy to pinpoint...South London, southeast 15...It's a council estate. The Powell Estate. SU15 7GO. It was a public area." Yvonne orders CCTV, Matt follows, and the camera turns, just a sec too late as the Doctor ducks inside the TARDIS. Still, it catches the TARDIS before she disappears, and they both geek out. "Is it him?" asks Matt. Yvonne -- did I mention I adore her? -- moans and whatnot. It's him. Torchwood meets Doctor Who. Finally.

The Doctor shucks his jacket in the TARDIS, shouting that "those ghosts have been forced into existence" for one specific reason, which he can figure out or whatever, and "Allons-y!" Let's go! Fantastic! Everybody drops on his or her trans-European ass as the TARDIS shudders into action. The engine rises and falls. Rises, then falls.

The TARDIS dematerializes right in front of Yvonne and Matt, on the video. She stands, disbelieving what she's seen, but identifying him correctly. "He's coming," she breathes, and laughs, shocked. She checks out; Addie and Gareth look darkly at each other. Out in the hall, Yvonne's yelling on her Bluetooth: "Rajesh, it's him!" And Rajesh looks up at the awful sphere: "Now we've got you."

The Doctor twiddles knobs on the console, nattering away about how one day he would like to say "Allons-y, Alonzo!" to someone named Alonzo, and Rose stares at him with a smile on her face that doesn't mention the fact that Jackie's up in the gantry of the TARDIS, her legs dangling, looking like a child. "If we end up on Mars, I'm gonna kill you," grunts Jackie, folding her arms. The Doctor stares; Rose smirks.

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