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Et In Arcadia Ego

Gareth pulls Adeola down a deserted corridor that is clearly under reconstruction, shadowed behind plastic sheeting. "Come on, it'll be all right down here. Just two minutes!" I'd go for it. But Addie's a bit of a better employee than I have been: "This is out of bounds...." Gareth nods; that's the point: "It's completely safe!" She doesn't think it's worth getting caught, just for a snog. He's right, she's wrong. "It is," he laughs, pulling her in beyond the veil. She smiles, but pulls back. He tsks and takes off through the veil alone. She smiles uneasily at two workmen, who come and carry a ladder away, and then, alone, whispers after Gareth. There's no reply. "Gareth?" Addie laughs and presses up against the veil: "Now don't be daft, where've you gone? Gareth? Look, I'm gonna head back, I'm seeing you tonight anyway...Gareth?" And she steps through. Just barely. "I'm gonna go back to work..." Silence. Addie keeps pushing; her voice edges toward fear: "Now stop it, Gareth! I'm not kidding, just stop it!" Remember Rose at Henrik's; it's never a joke. There's a figure just beyond the veil. Human, if blurry. "Sorry, I'm just looking for my friend..." says Addie. It doesn't reply. Addie pulls back the veil, revealing a Cyberman -- the new style, from the Age of Steel -- and it advances on her. She screams. Things proceed, as they will.

Rose brings a newspaper into the TARDIS, where the Doctor is wedged under the console as usual: "They've elected a ghost as MP for Leeds!" She looks down at him. "Now, don't tell me you're gonna sit back and do nothing?" He pops up from under the floor beneath her feet, jumpy and excited, with a fake Ghostbusters accompaniment, a strange device in one hand and a makeshift proton pack: "Who you gonna call?" he says, in an annoying accent. "Ghostbusters!" Rose replies kindly, and the Doctor duck-marches out the door, with the accent again: "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." That's how they get you.

Rose follows the Doctor out of the TARDIS, giggling, and they meet Jackie, waiting outside. In the playground where you peel your wishes apart, he arranges three short cones upon the ground, asking Jackie about the next shift. "Quarter to," she says, checking her watch. Terrified of losing it: "But don't go causing trouble. What's that lot do?" Triangulates their point of origin. Rose asks if maybe it's the Gelth, but she and the Doctor both know it's not. (Funny that you mention that, though. The Rift in Cardiff is intimately tied with the ghosts of our history, and with Torchwood.) Pity the Gelth, and pity the poor serving girl who saved the world, and nobody ever knew. Even after she died, a hero. "They were just coming through one little rift," says the Doctor. One tiny little rift. "This lot are transposing themselves over the whole planet. Like tracing paper." Jackie gets cross as the Doctor imparts the information: "You're always doing this, reducing it to science." Somebody says to Orpheus that the dead stay dead: what do you think he said? "Why can't it be real?" asks Jackie. Begging for his assent to this, this little piece of magic in the Powell Estates after so long with no magic at all. For the return of love. The Doctor ignores Jackie. "Just think of it, though!" she tells him. "All the people we've lost, our families coming back home. Don't you think it's beautiful?" He spares her a glance, for the first time: "I think it's horrific." Jackie closes her mouth with a click. The Doctor gets back to work, Rose following. They plug things in and whatnot. Jackie steps inside, closing the door behind her. The Doctor and Rose joke around at the console, about how she should press this button and not that one, and not that one -- "Now you've just killed us," he grins, and she giggles -- and he hands over his screwdriver to her into the bargain. Jackie stares at them and calls time again. Two minutes to ghost shift. Two minutes to Earth Death.

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