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Et In Arcadia Ego

Rose and the Doctor stand in the kitchen doorway. "Mum?" says Rose. "What you just said about granddad?" Jackie stands in the kitchen, beautiful and overjoyed: "Any second now!" Rose is gentle. She knows about Father's Day, and about holding onto things. She remembers the Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot Delta Seventeen, and all that she wrought. Everything changes and everything ends. "But he passed away," says Rose, worried. "His heart gave out. Do you remember that?" Jackie giggles. Of course she does. "Then how can he come back?" asks Rose. Jackie, exasperated, overjoyed: "Why don't you ask him yourself? Ten past...Here he comes." A shadow, a living shadow from across the Howling, appears in the kitchen and goes for a stroll. It stands on two legs; its feet are shaped like shapeless feet. The Torchwood theme begins to play. Rose and the Doctor stare. "Here we are, then!" says Jackie. "Dad, say hello to Rose. Ain't she grown?" Seeing her like this. In love with a monstrosity, that idiotic smile on her face, dancing with shadows. They only really get me with Jackie.

No speaking, just a cut to the Doctor and Rose, bursting from the estate block at a run. The Doctor stares around, confused: "They're everywhere!" And so they are -- an army of them, standing about like ordinary people, nobody noticing them, a group of boys playing with a ball. In the middle of a shift of ghosts; in the middle of history grown hard. Rose gasps as a ghost walks right through the fluid Doctor. It's uncomfortable, but there's no pain. Just adjustment. "They haven't got long," says Jackie, joining them. "Midday shift only lasts a couple of minutes. They're about to fade." The Doctor's eyes bug out, the way they do: "What do you mean shift? Since when did ghosts have shifts? Since when did shifts have ghosts?" Since Hell went walking, a hundred soldiers abreast. Since the afterlife was incorporated. "Oh, he's not happy when I know more than him, is he?" Jackie giggles. He can't even feel sorry for her. He's just scared: "But no one's...running, or screaming, or freaking out..." Jackie wonders why on earth they should, and checks her watch: "Here we go. Twelve minutes past." She looks at Rose and smiles, biting her lip in anticipation. If the world is full of wonders, then Rose's life isn't so great after all. And most of it's the idea that maybe she'll stay this time, most of it is pulling at the ghost of Rose, but some of it is getting her own back. Those left behind, finally touching magic. Not so special now, is it?

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