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Et In Arcadia Ego

"We had them beaten, but then they escaped," Mickey explains. "The Cybermen just vanished. They found a way through to this world, did we." Rose notes that this is impossible, and Mickey stares up at the awful sphere: "Yeah, well, it's not the first time he's been wrong." Rose asks, Excellently, what's inside, and Mickey shakes his head: "Cyber Leader? Cyber King? Emperor of the Cybermen? Whatever it is, he's dead meat." Rose nudges Mickey's shoulder, says it's good to see him. It really, really is. He smiles back. The smashing and crashing continue.

The Cybermen escort Yvonne and the Doctor, hands behind their heads, back through Torchwood. The Doctor, frightened, screams orders at any humans in earshot: "Get away from the machines! Do what they say, don't fight them!" They shoot a scientist in the white room dead; Jackie freaks out. "We are the Cybermen. The ghost shift will be increased to 100%." Now speaking is a Cyberman with black handlebars on its helmet, the Cyber Leader. They don't call him that, but the black handlebars are a dead giveaway, and he was credited as such. He clangs a fist on his metal chest, and the lever rises once again. The computer goes online. The light gets brighter. "Here come the ghosts," says the Doctor.

On the factory floor, the ghosts step out of thin air, accompanied by the sound of Cybermen marching; on the Powell Estate, they appear as well. Ghostwatch reports: "It's extraordinary, there are more ghosts than we've ever seen before..." Big Ben. Taj Mahal. "And it's happening all over the world!" A policeman (David Warwick, from the Fourth Doctor story "The Pirate Planet") notes that, so far, the increase in ghost activity is harmless. At Torchwood, rows and rows of Cybermen march out of the light and into the white room.

Rajesh calls again and again into comms and the webcam, getting no response. He's panicking. The shuddering and booming cut out suddenly, and the sphere stops shaking. Rajesh joins Rose and Mickey, the latter of whom takes off his lab coat and pulls off his earpiece: "Here we go." Rajesh puts his glasses on; the sphere begins to crack open, smoothly, separating into sections, light spilling out.

Jackie's confused: "These Zybermen, what've they got to do with the ghosts?" The Doctor rolls his eyes, frantic: "A footprint doesn't look like a boot!" The Cybermen march out from the light, getting sharper and more distinct. "Millions of them. Right across the world." They clarify out into Cybermen: on the factory floor, on the Powell Estate. People scream and start to run, as though noticing them for the first time. In Paris and at the Taj Mahal, complacency dropping, psychic links severed. Nobody told them this was war: they had to see it for themselves. The host of Ghostwatch gets killed on camera. The policeman urges everyone to stay at home. In one small house, a Cyberman breaks through the door -- the family members are cowering at the bottom of the stairs, and a little boy tries to run up and get away, but there's a Cyberman upstairs as well, blocking his way.

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