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Army Of Ghosts (1)

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Et In Arcadia Ego

Rajesh worries at Yvonne on comms; Samuel's checking the locks; Rose gets worried; the sphere begins to crash and shudder. It's active.

"It's the earpiece controlling them," the Doctor says sadly. "I've seen this before." He tells Adeola he's sorry -- so sorry, in fact -- and sonics her head. She screams, and falls to the desk, dead. Matt and Gareth do the same. Yvonne asks what he did, but the Doctor just stares down, sickened: "They're dead." Jackie wigs that the Doctor killed them, and though he explains that they were already dead, Jackie's not having it. He finally tells her to stow it for a sec. Yvonne gets all weird about the earpieces, and the Doctor says one word: "Don't." She does. She pulls on Addie's earpiece, and it comes out trailing a tail of brain tissue, grossing everybody out. "It goes inside their brain!" Yvonne yells, dropping it. The ghost shift is 90% active; the system is hijacked and still running. The Doctor's pretty sure he knows what's going on, but doesn't say it aloud; he just uses the screwdriver to trace the signal. "Jackie, stay here!" he shouts, and Yvonne follows him out. Nobody notices Rajesh screaming silently into the webcam on Yvonne's laptop, or the words SPHERE ACTIVATED flashing on her screen.

"Yvonne, for God's sake!" yells Rajesh. "The sphere is active! The readings are going wild! It's got weight, it's got mass, an electromagnetic field...It exists!" The doors seal behind Rajesh; automatic quarantine. This is Torchwood, this is Victoria's World: automatic quarantine, and you end up locked inside with your demons. This is how fear works. "It's all right, babe," says Mickey to Rose, while Rajesh freaks out. "We beat them before, we can beat them again. That's why I'm here. The fight goes on." Fight against what? "What do you think?" The sphere crashes and shakes, and they stumble around.

Jackie watches the light getting brighter, as the Doctor zeroes in on the curtained-off area and tells Yvonne to head back. "Think again," she says, bringing two soldiers further in with them. The screwdriver bleeps, and he looks down at it, confused. "Earpieces, earPods, this world is colliding with another. And I think I know which one." The shadows of Cybermen surround them, getting into position through the veil. "They came through first," the Doctor tells Yvonne, who's getting scared. The Cybermen slit the plastic curtains with their hands, an homage to classic stories. "The advance guard." The Cybermen step through the curtains and march toward them; the soldiers' guns have no effect. The Cybermen retain their moral high ground. The Doctor and Yvonne run a different way, but get caught as well.

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