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Et In Arcadia Ego

Rose -- this is cool -- finds her way to the sphere room and uses the psychic paper on the key-card reader, kissing it first for luck. Keys and doors. She stares up at the sphere, taken and repulsed at once; Rajesh arrives and she barely notices him. "Try not to look," he tells her. "It does that to everyone. What do you want?" She stammers that she's from Personnel: "They said some man had been taken prisoner. Some sort of Doctor? I'm just checking the lines of communication...did they tell you anything?" Rajesh asks for her authorization, and she hands him the psychic paper. "That's lucky," he says, and Rose smiles. "You see, everyone at Torchwood has at least a basic level of psychic training. This paper is blank. And you're a fake." He bluetooths for Security and seals the room: "Samuel? Can you check the door locks? She just walked right in!" Samuel turns, and it's not Samuel. It's Mickey Smith. Rose stares, and Mickey puts a finger to his lips over Rajesh's shoulder, grinning wildly. Rajesh asks Rose to take a seat and she does so, completely at a loss. Mickey Smith!

Yvonne and the Doctor assemble knowns: the ghosts must have built the sphere, he thinks: "Aimed it at this dimension like a cannonball." Rajesh comes up on Yvonne's webcam: "We've got a visitor. We don't know who she is, but funnily enough, she arrived at the same time as the Doctor." The Doctor's face twitches slightly, and Yvonne turns the laptop around to show him Rose. She stares out cutely. "She one of yours?" asks Yvonne. The Doctor swears that she isn't. "Good!" says Yvonne. "Then we can have her shot." The Doctor rolls his eyes and takes his feet off Yvonne's desk: "Oh, all right, then, it was worth a try. That's Rose Tyler." Rose waves, apologizing, and they smile sweetly at each other. They discuss the Jackie aspect in depth -- "When Torchwood comes to write my complete history, don't tell people I traveled through time and space with her mother" -- and just then, the ghost engines start up, pissing off Yvonne. "Everyone? I thought I said stop the ghost shift." They ignore her, staring straight ahead. The levers in the white room are rising of their own accord. Yvonne demands that the guys stop typing, step away from their desks, stop the levers; nobody does anything. Two other scientist run for the levers, but the three people who aren't people anymore don't even acknowledge her. The Doctor goes to Adeola and snaps his fingers in her face. "She can't hear you," he tells Yvonne, and reads from Addie's screen that they are overriding the system. Everyone turns to the white, blank wall. "We're going into ghost shift," the Doctor says, and the light gets brighter.

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