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Et In Arcadia Ego

The Doctor takes his sonic screwdriver out and stands in Yvonne's office, on the other side of the glass. "Sphere comes through," he says, sonicking the glass a bit, until it cracks. The cracks extend out slowly, like ice, as he speaks. "But when it made the hole, it cracked the world around it. The entire surface of this dimension, splintered. And that's how the ghosts get through. That's how they get everywhere. They're bleeding through the fault lines. Walking from their world, across the Void, and into yours. With the human race hoping and wishing and helping them along! But too many ghosts, and..." The Doctor touches it, just barely, and the whole thing shatters, falling out onto the floor. "Well, in that case, we'll have to be more careful. Positions! Ghost shift in one minute." It's all walls this year. Rather than doors, or cages, it's walls. Between you and me, between worlds and worlds, between creation and nothingness. Hell is the distance between two hands, not touching; a wall is just a door that can't open. The Doctor: "Ms. Hartman, I am asking you. Please, don't do it." She scoffs that they've done this a thousand times; he begs her to stop at a thousand. "We are in control of the ghosts," says Yvonne. "The levers can open the breach, but equally they can close it."

Yvonne and the Doctor stare each other down for a while, wills battling fiercely, and he abruptly drops the fight. "Okay," he says lightly, and snags a chair from Yvonne's office. "Never mind! As you were." Yvonne's flummoxed. "Fair enough," the Doctor explains. "Said my bit. Don't mind me. Any chance of a cup of tea?" Adeola calls ghost shift in twenty seconds. "Mm! Can't wait to see it!" says the Doctor. Yvonne gets more and more suspicious, he blows her off and calls "Rose" over. Jackie stands with her arm across the back of the chair, closing ranks with him, smiling impudently. A Companion. "You can't stop us, Doctor..." says Yvonne. The Doctor shrugs and grins, raises an eyebrow. Yvonne holds steady until there's just one second to go, and then cancels the shift. "Thank you," says the Doctor, sincerely. She tells him it's only until they get more information, and he offers to be of any help he can. "And get someone clear up this glass," she adds, staring down at the Doctor. "They did warn me, Doctor. They said you like to make a mess." She heads into her office. The things that Adeola, Matt, and Gareth now are exchange glances, come to a joint conclusion, begin typing at their terminals.

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